Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 430

Chapter 430: The Wrong Message 3
Chapter 430: The Wrong Message (3)
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Tang Nuo chased after Su Zhinian and asked, "What happened back there? Even if there was an argument, there's no need for all that hostility and indifference."

Su Zhinian didn't say anything but picked up his pace, trying to leave Tang Nuo behind. Tang Nuo could be quite persistent when he wanted to. He ran after Su Zhinian to catch up to his speed and said, "Didn't I present you the perfect opportunity just now? You just needed to be silent. After I convinced Song Qingchun to join us for the game, I would have found an opportunity to ask her to join us for dinner. When the time came, I would make myself scarce. Then, with just the two of you around, in the quiet of the night you know everything can be settled easily"

The more Tang Nuo said, the more he felt proud of his plan. "It was truly a perfect plan"

However, before he could finish, Su Zhinian suddenly stopped, perhaps annoyed by Tang Nuo's rambling or maybe Tang Nuo had accidentally pressed a button. He hissed in a tone as cold as ice, "I no longer have any relationship with her!"

Tang Nuo was first startled before studying Su Zhinian's face to make sure he wasn't joking. From the severity of his expression, it didn't look like he was. Furthermore, he had known Su Zhinian for years, and he was not the joking kind; even if he was, he wouldn't joke about his relationship with that woman.

After a short silence, Tang Nuo asked in a concerned and serious tone, "What happened?"

Su Zhinian didn't answer but turned around to continue walking forward.

"It is definitely not as bad as you think. It's common for a couple to have the occasional argument. As long as there's love, everything can be resolved" Tang Nuo followed and gave some advice.

Su Zhinian who always chose to be silent whenever Tang Nuo pried into his relationship issue suddenly opened his lips to say, "I wish this was an argument."

"What?" Tang Nuo thought he had misheard him so he stopped and asked for confirmation.

"Nothing." Su Zhinian lowered his gaze to focus on the put. He gauged the distance before raising his club to hit at the ball.

Tang Nuo knew this was the end of the conversation, so he cleverly shut up and focused completely on the game.

However, as the game went on, it was Su Zhinian who was constantly distracted. Eventually, he gave up and stood on the grassy patch, leaning on the golf club, which he stuck into the ground. With his eyes on a cloud drifting through the sky, he internally finished the statement he was making earlier.

I wish this was an argument because what I wouldn't give to bicker like a couple with her; even though the sadness and tears would have been because of her, it would be something enjoyable but that happiness can never be mine.

After that meeting on the golfing green, the rest of Song Qingchun's days seemed to lose luster like the colors were drained out of them.

Perhaps it was the high from the many eventful incidents earlier, like the drowning, the abduction, and the attempt on her life, in comparison, for Song Qingchun, her life now seemed bland. There was nothing of interest that happened, and her every day was a repetition of the one before it, waking up, going to work, going back home, sleeping.

It had gotten so mundane that her discovery one day that she had forgotten to take her purse managed to rock her heart and make her lose her footing.