Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 431

Chapter 431: The Wrong Message 4
Chapter 431: The Wrong Message (4)
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It was a Friday, and Song Qingchun was driving home after a gathering with her colleagues. She was reminded of the fact she needed to buy a new concealer when she passed a mall. Therefore, she turned into the mall's carpark instead of going home.

She was quite lucky because it was the last day of the mall's anniversary sale.

She had used the same brand of concealer for years, and she liked it. Since there was a sale, she purchased a whole set, which would last her for six months. After all, the set was about fifty percent off.

After the cashier rung her purchase and waited for Song Qingchun to pay, Song Qingchun flipped through her bag but couldn't find the purse that she used as her wallet.

She believed she had left her purse inside her car, so she blurted an apology to the cashier before rushing to the carpark. She searched her whole car but couldn't find her purse. Then she remembered she placed her purse on her make-up table to clear away the coins and must have left it there.

What should I do now?

Song Qingchun wasn't that hung up on the sale, but the fact that she couldn't purchase the stuff that she had selected did soil her mood a bit. Furthermore, she really did need that concealer.

The mall was quite far from her house, and if she went home to grab her purse, the mall would have closed by the time she returned.

However, the mall was close to Qin Yinan's house. Even if he was still at his company, his company was only 20 minutes' distance away.

Song Qingchun thought about it and decided to call Qin Yinan to foot the bill for her.

She pulled out her phone and opened her WhatsApp chat with Qin Yinan. She clicked on the first name that appeared, typed the text hurriedly, and sent it.

"I'm at the mall near Hwa Mao; I forgot to bring my wallet, but I have to buy something. Are you at home or at the company? If you don't mind, can you please come help me pay for this?"

Then Song Qingchun added, "I really desperately need your help. I have to make this purchase; it's an emergency!"

Then, she added a few begging emoticons.

While Su Zhinian recovered from his injury, he had tossed himself completely into work. That way, he would have a reason to take his mind of that woman.

Even so, he still found himself wandering into her orbit a few times subconsciously. Thankfully, she didn't notice him.

One time, after work, he managed to pick up her voice among the cacophony of the city. He drove through the city for a long time before locating her car. He thus trailed behind her, slowly driving through half of Beijing city.

He noticed the bumper of her car had been fixed. He didn't hear any report from Cheng Qingchong, so she had probably used her own car insurance.

The next time was when he exited Golden Corner and spotted her getting into Qin Yinan's car.

He had spaced out for a long time, standing by the roadside. Then he was reminded of the bill mailed over by Golden Corner several days ago, so she really did use the lifetime complementary card at Golden Corner.

The third time was after he got off work. He had been passing TW Station and heard her conversing with her colleague about an assignment.

He had parked the car by the roadside, got out, and leaned against his car, looking up at Song Qingchun's office whose light was still on.