Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 432

Chapter 432: The Wrong Message 5
Chapter 432: The Wrong Message (5)
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He stood there until it was 12 am, and through the large street, he saw her walk out of TW Station. There were only street lamps breaking through the darkness of the night.

She didn't drive that night and hailed a taxi.

He couldn't help himself from getting into his car and turning around to follow the taxi she had gotten into. He followed her all the way until she reached the Song family's home. He didn't leave even after she got into her house and the light in her room came on.

He sat inside his car listening to the various sounds she made. At that moment, his heart was at his most serene; it created an illusion for him that they still shared the same house. Even though there was no conversation, just listening to her presence was good enough.

Another time, it was raining. She didn't carry an umbrella and was hiding in a telephone booth to shield herself from the rain. He paid a little boy 100 RMB to get him to gift her an umbrella. He sat inside his car and smiled when he saw her bend over to ruffle the little boy's hair and thank him for his kindness.

Other than that the meeting at the golf course the other day had truly been an accident.

He had agreed to the invitation from Tang Nuo to have a change of scenery, so he didn't pay attention to the sound of his surroundings, and thus had no clue that she was there.

The weather that day had been perfect, and she had on a green dress. Her skin had glistened under the sun, and she had looked as pure as the first snow, making his heart skip a beat when he laid his eyes on her.

His body still hadn't made a full recovery, and Doctor Xia was still going to his house to check up on his condition every other day. Of course, the medicine kept on coming as well.

Probably due to the added workload he pulled onto himself recently, or perhaps it was due to the whole night he spent outside of the Song family's house, he was burning up slightly the next day.

He didn't mind it that much, and when Doctor Xia came for the routine check-up, he asked the senior doctor for permission to take two paracetamol tablets.

After that, he was feeling much better but today, the fever had suddenly returned. He attended an important meeting that night, and his head was pulsating with pain after the meeting finished. When they asked him to join them for dinner, he rejected them and left to return home to rest.

He had bought himself a new apartment near his company, but in the haze of his fever, he had returned instead to the bungalow that he had once shared with her.

He had owned the bungalow for three years, and even though she had merely stayed there for one hundred days, the place was filled with traces of her. After she left, he started to despise returning to this place. However, no matter how great the resentment, he would find himself returning to this house once every so often.

When he was changing into the in-house slippers, he spotted the random assortment of Song Qingchun's shoes on the shoe rack. He stood there, dazed, for a long time before going upstairs to steep himself in a warm bath. After he exited the bathroom, he felt much better.

The bungalow was incredibly silent. He laid in bed and habitually leaned in to listen to the sound from next door.

He knew that the sound of her mocking the ridiculous plots of the television drama, the unsatisfactory rumbling she made about him, and even the sound of her breathing wouldn't be there, but he couldn't help himself from listening in.

Half an hour later, his head started to burn.

He lugged his tired body to pour himself a glass of water and used it to wash down the pills prescribed by Doctor Xia.

He returned to his bedroom to use the bathroom. He was ready to lie back down in bed when the phone he had left beside his pillow started to ring.

He picked it up, intending to switch it to silent mode, when he saw her name appear on screen.