Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 433

Chapter 433: The Wrong Message 6
Chapter 433: The Wrong Message (6)
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The tip of his finger trembled as it hovered over the display. Eventually, he clicked the home button, unlocked the phone, and clicked the message open.

There were three WhatsApp messages from her.

"I'm at the mall near Hwa Mao; I forgot to bring my wallet, but I have to buy something. Are you at home or at the company? If you don't mind, can you please come help me pay for this?"

"I really desperately need your help. I have to make this purchase; it's an emergency!"

The third message consisted of six begging emoticons.

The first thought that popped on Su Zhinian's mind was that Song Qingchun had lost her phone and the thief was planning to scam her contacts, but the more he thought about it, the more unlikely it became. After all, if this was truly a thief, why would he or she ask him out to meet him at a mall in the middle of the night?

So sending the wrong message? Perhaps, she intended to send this to someone else but accidentally sent it to me? Su Zhinian eventually settled on this hypothesis.

But who did she mean to send these to? Qin Yinan?

Su Zhinian shook his head violently to stop his train of thought.

The few times he had seen her, Qin Yinan would be around by her side. From their conversation, he could hear that they shared an amiable relationship. It was as he hoped; Qin Yinan treated her very nicely, and he didn't concern himself with that Tang Nuan anymore.

She had loved Qin Yinan for years. Even though she had accidentally been hurt by him many times, could feelings really be extinguished so easily? Therefore, the person she really wanted to spend the rest of her life with should be Qin Yinan, right?

That was why, before he separated from her, he had started trying his best to pull Song Qingchun and Qin Yinan together.

In the many notes that she had sent Qin Yinan, there was one sentence that ironically described his feelings perfectly. "I wish the greatest happiness for the ones who love me, and I wish the one who I love loves me back."

Since he could never be a part of her happiness, then the happiness she deserved, he would help her find it.

The usually decisive Su Zhinian stared at the screen for a long time, weighing the options of informing her of the mix-up or just ignoring it completely. Eventually, he tossed the phone aside and collapsed onto his bed.

His hands were placed behind his head, and he stared at the ceiling. He could feel the temperature of his body rising.

The fever made his head feel heavy, and his consciousness started to drift.

There was an impulse burgeoning in his heart that he was trying to suppress. He raised his phone and dropped it, sat up in his bed before lying down again, his brows creased and relaxed After so many repetitions, he eventually pulled open his closet, put on a casual outfit, shoved his phone and wallet into his pocket, grabbed the nearby car keys, put on his shoes, and left.

The moment his car entered the carpark, Su Zhinian could hear Song Qingchun's voice drifting from upstairs. He cut off the car engine and sat for quite some time in the car before pushing the door open and going upstairs, dragging his weakened body.

Su Zhinian walked toward Song Qingchun's voice like it was a lighthouse in a sea of fog. He exited the elevator and in front of him were display cases of various make-up. He took one painful step after another, following her voice, before finally spotting her in front of a red-colored counter.

While waiting for Qin Yinan, Song Qingchun spent her time chatting with the cashier lady.