Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 434

Chapter 434: The Wrong Message 7
Chapter 434: The Wrong Message (7)
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The two were of the same age so had many shared interests. The counter lady even shared a video she had just seen on YouTube with Song Qingchun.

The video was quite humorous, and Song Qingchun couldn't help but laugh. The counter lady had seen it before but still enjoyed watching it with Song Qingchun. However, in the middle of the video, the counter lady moved her eyes away from the screen and eventually had her eyes glued to a spot behind Song Qingchun.

The video finished, and Song Qingchun was returning the phone to the lady when the lady pointed behind Song Qingchun and said, "Miss Song, the person you called to pay your bill seems to be here already. Is that him?"

Song Qingchun turned around and was about to call out to Brother Yinan when her expression froze, and her whole brain shut down. Her mouth was open, but no voice came out.

That's not Qin Yinan; that's Su Zhinian.

That was the first thought that appeared in Song Qingchun's mind, and then she realized this was the third time she had coincidentally run into Su Zhinian, and this time, he was much closer to her physically than the previous two.

When Song Qingchun was still in her daze, Su Zhinian had reached the counter.

He's always here to buy cosmetics? It is such a coincidence that we share the same brand But wait, these are female cosmetics, so he's buying them for someone else?

Some other woman?

When those three words materialized in Song Qingchun's mind, her fingers, which were resting on the counter, shook slightly.

Su Zhinian stopped before Song Qingchun, and his gaze slowly fell on her face. The hint of a smile was still on the corner of her lips, and the bottom of her eyes were bright as if reflecting the lights in the mall. However, her expression was a bit dull.

He waited for a while, and after realizing that she didn't seem like she was going to speak any time soon, he cleared his throat lightly and uttered in a crisp tone, "Where's the bill?"

Song Qingchun was befuddled before she realized Su Zhinian was talking to her. She let out a confused grunt before the situation dawned on her.

The bill my shopping bill? So, he's not here to buy cosmetics and happened to run into me. He's here to pay my bill?

But how did he know I didn't bring my wallet? I remember sending the message to Brother Yinan and not him

The first thing Song Qingchun did after that was pull out her phone and open her WhatsApp.

After she confirmed she had indeed sent the wrong message, her eyes widened to their maximum, and her brain blew up into smithereens.

How, how did I end up messaging Su Zhinian? I was sure I searched for "Yinan"

So, what do I do now? He has already warned me from being so clingy, and do I even have the face left to ask him to pay my bills? But he's already here, if I tell him that it was all a mistake, will he think I'm toying with him?

Su Zhinian stood quite a distance away from Song Qingchun, so he couldn't read her thoughts. He looked at the girl that stared dumbly at him without saying a word, and his brows furrowed. Then he turned to look at the counter lady.

The lady met his gaze and understood what was left unsaid. She immediately grabbed the bill on the table and proffered it to him.

Su Zhinian accepted with one hand and turned without saying a word to walk to the cashier.

After Song Qingchun realized Su Zhinian had walked away, he had already paid her bill and was walking back from the cashier.