Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 437

Chapter 437: The Wrong Message 10
Chapter 437: The Wrong Message (10)
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However, as she typed in "QYN" this time, the name that came out was Su Zhinian.

SZN, QYN, they shared the same keys on the keypad. Therefore, this was the reason, when she keyed in "QYN" just now, she didn't notice the name that appeared before sending it out. This explained why it was Su Zhinian who had received her message.

When did "QYN" on her phone stop referring to Qin Yinan but Su Zhinian?

When the number of times she had typed Su Zhinian into her phone surpass the number of times she had typed Qin Yinan?

Song Qingchun stared at her phone and was reminded of the many messages she would send him, asking him about the menu he wanted for dinner and begging him to buy something on his way home.

After their separation, in her most vulnerable moment, she would type in his name, thinking about sending him a message. However, every time she finished writing the message, she would chicken out and delete it.

It was then that Song Qingchun realized the man had become such a fixture in her life.

Su Zhinian sat in his car, staring at the familiar vehicle that left the underground carpark. He then raised his hands to massage his temple that had started to pulse with pain due to his worsening fever.

He had lost control that night.

Everything was according to what he wished for. She really did abide by everything he wanted her to do. She had cut herself off from him and really didn't cling to him in any way; therefore, he should have been happy. However, when he heard her repeat the promise that he wanted her to make again and again, he had snapped.

Was it because of his fever that he let things that he shouldn't have said slip out?

"So, you too can be taught how to listen to orders?"

Did he really mean what he said?

Of course not If he was truly honest to himself, he wished for her to stop listening to his orders so much; he wished she would go bother him every other day; he wished they could return to how it once was.

But that was just a dream. Most of the time, dreams could only fizzle in reality.

However, thankfully, he had managed to maintain his rationality at the most crucial moment that night.

He didn't expose his true wish before her and stopped himself before the next sentence that he wanted to say could escape from his lips: 'Do you know how much I wish that you will stand up to me?'

Instead, he blurted out a cruel line. "Do whatever you want as long as you stop appearing before my eyes."

He believed that, after tonight, this would be the last time she would appear before his eyes. Probably, the accident that night wouldn't even repeat itself again.

This is good; it's for the best, he thought to himself, but he felt like someone had reached into his heart and forcefully pulled a part out, the hollow part left throbbing with pain.

Song Qingchun returned the money the next day. As she promised, she didn't show herself before Su Zhinian.

She took a detour to his company in the afternoon, dropped the money in a packet, and left it with the receptionist. She didn't even meet Cheng Qingchong but simply messaged her and left in a hurry.