Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 439

Chapter 439: Pulled Together By Fate 2
Chapter 439: Pulled Together by Fate (2)
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However, she would never understand that the only reason he had to push her away was simply because he loved her too much.

Sadness started to fill up the room like smoke. His eyes, which were staring out the window, were filled with pain and despair.

He didn't mind it, but he was sad, sad that from that moment onwards, he would have to return to his endless life in the darkness.

Ever since Cheng Qingchong passed him the envelope, Su Zhinian couldn't focus on his work anymore.

His fever rose to the point where Su Zhinian found it difficult to even breathe. Finding himself completely unproductive at work, he eventually decided to leave and go home.

Beijing in early summer was prone to drastic changes in weather.

When Su Zhinian left his company, it was still sunny. However, after driving for only ten minutes, the city had started to darken. Lightning struck and thunder flashed. Instantly after, buckets of rain started to fall.

Due to the unexpected weather change, the traffic turned horrendous. There was an accident on the main road, and the jam stretched for miles. Su Zhinian, in his frustration, abandoned his usual route and turned into an alley.

When he was close to the city's hospital, Su Zhinian spotted a familiar figure.

When he got close, Su Zhinian confirmed that he was not mistaken. He stepped on the brake, and when the car rolled to a stop, he rolled down the window and greeted the man. "Uncle Song."

It was Song Menghwa's scheduled physical check-up that day. The family butler was on holiday, and he had taken the house's only car with him.

After lunch, Song Menghwa had hailed a cab to get to the hospital because the weather had been nice, but who would have thought the weather would change so drastically when he exited the hospital?

It was hard to catch a taxi at the hospital entrance, and this already near-impossible task was made even harder by the horrible weather. Song Menghwa had stood under an umbrella by the entrance for about twenty minutes, and not one taxi had passed by. He was about to call Song Qingchun to come fetch him when a car crawled to a stop before him. As the window rolled down, a light greeting drifted out from within. "Uncle Song."

Song Menghwa bent over to catch a glimpse of Su Zhinian sitting within. His face immediately split into a smile as he said, "It's you, Zhinian. This is such a coincidence."

"You're waiting for taxi?" Su Zhinian asked as he glanced at their surroundings. He noted the lack of taxis, so he hopped out of his car and walked around the car to pull the passenger door open for Song Menghwa. "How about I give you a lift home, Uncle Song?"

The rain was so heavy that even though Su Zhinian only stood for about two minutes in the rain, he was drenched.

Perhaps people would get chatty like a child as they grew older.

Along the way home, Song Menghwa discussed many things with Su Zhinian.

Su Zhinian didn't show any trace of annoyance and patiently chatted with Song Menghwa.

Su Zhinian's intention was to drop Song Menghwa at the door of the Song family's house and then leave immediately. However, he found himself overwhelmed by Song Menghwa's kindness and insistence that he stay for dinner.

It would have been incredibly rude for Su Zhinian to reject the offer, so he had no choice but to drive his car into the Song family's driveway.

The interior of the Song family's home remained unchanged, still the same as when he stayed there, other than signs of wear and tear due to passage of time.

Song Menghwa was still as kind as he remembered. When the elder man noted his soaked clothes, he ushered him upstairs to take a warm bath.

Song Menghwa brought him to the guest room that he had once stayed in. The furniture from years ago was still there, and even the arrangement was still the same.