Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 440

Chapter 440: Pulled Together By Fate 3
Chapter 440: Pulled Together by Fate (3)
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The room was clean, probably because the maid still cleaned it every day.

When he had stayed at the Song family's home, whenever Song Menghwa returned from his business trip, he would bring back clothes for Song Cheng and Song Qingchun. He wouldn't forget Su Zhinian's share as well.

When Su Zhinian had left the Song family, he had only taken his own clothes with him. The clothes that Song Menghwa had bought for him were still arranged neatly inside the closet.

However, those were for a high school Su Zhinian. He couldn't fit into most of them now. Song Menghwa searched through the closet for a long time before coming up with a shirt that was slightly bigger in size.

After a warm bath, Su Zhinian felt better. He had just dried his hair and was going downstairs when Song Menghwa came upstairs to call him for dinner.

Song Qingchun was not home, and the large dining table that could fit ten people only sat three: himself, Song Menghwa, and Fang Rou.

Su Zhinian had met Fang Rou once before. She had still been Song Cheng's girlfriend back then. At the time, they were acquaintance, and that layer of relationship hadn't changed after so many years. His impression of her at that time had been that Fang Rou was just as her name suggested, a gentle and soft-spoken woman. That impression still held true.

The rain was still falling heavily after dinner. It was still early, so Song Menghwa asked Su Zhinian to join him in his study. Since Song Qingchun hadn't returned, he agreed.

Ever since he was young, Song Menghwa loved to play chess. His hobby remained the same after so many years.

Now that he thought about it, the reason Su Zhinian learned how to play chess was because Song Menghwa had taught him. Song Menghwa was a master at playing chess. In fact, he remembered that the young Su Zhinian had promised himself that he would one day beat Song Menghwa without using his mind-reading power. Alas, before that dream came into fruition, the fall-out with Song Qingchun occurred and he left the Song family.

So many years later, Su Zhinian had grown much more mature in his thinking. Even though he hadn't touched the game for years, he still managed to steal a victory from Song Menghwa easily.

This was the first time Song Menghwa had been beaten at his own game for years, and now that he had found himself a worthy rival, he held Su Zhinian back to play one game after another.

To be honest, Su Zhinian had started to feel unwell again after dinner, but since he didn't want to be a spoilsport, he played along until it was 10 pm. He was ready to find himself an excuse to leave when he heard the sound of a car coming from the outside. Half a minute later, the door was open, and Song Qingchun's soft voice drifted into his ears. "Big Sister"

Since she didn't see Song Menghwa, she asked, "Where's Dad?"

"In the study, we have" Fang Rou began to speak, but she could barely finish her sentence when the door to the study was pushed open heavily by Song Qingchun. "Dad, how were the results of your check-up today?"

Song Qingchun then leaped into the study and curled her arms around her father's neck like she used to when she was a child. She was about to ask for more details when she noticed the man sitting across from her father. Her expression froze.

Su Su Zhinian? Why is he here?

"After so many years, the girl is still as clumsy and rude as ever," Song Menghwa said to Su Zhinian with a smile. Even though it sounded like he was scolding Song Qingchun, the tone was full of love. Song Menghwa made his next chess move before warning Song Qingchun, who had collapsed on top of his body, "What are you doing all spaced out? Why haven't you greeted our guest?"