Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 441

Chapter 441: Pulled Together By Fate 4
Chapter 441: Pulled Together by Fate (4)
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Song Qingchun was pulled out of her thoughts instantly. She moved her gaze away from Su Zhinian and pulled herself up from her father. After she straightened herself, she opened her lips to say, "C Su Zhinian."

The first name that came to her mouth was actually "CEO Su", but thankfully, the sibilant sound of C sounded just like S, and she managed to quickly change it to Su Zhinian.

From Song Menghwa's perspective, she and Su Zhinian had always been good friends. Furthermore, it was Song Qingchun who had convinced Su Zhinian to help Song Empire. If she called him CEO Su, it would have raised her father's suspicion.

Su Zhinian was more collected than her. There was no observable flaw on his body. When she greeted him, he took his gaze away from the chessboard to nod at her with a blank expression, a gesture to reciprocate and acknowledge her greeting before turning back to focus on the game.

Perhaps because he had reached an age where things in the past became more exciting than things in the future, as the game progressed, Song Menghwa started to reminisce about the period when Su Zhinian had lived with the Song family.

Su Zhinian played along nicely. In fact, whenever Song Menghwa was stuck on a memory, he would remind him about it. In contrast, Song Qingchun merely stood to the side like a statue. She uttered zero words and only smiled in return when Song Menghwa turned to look her way.

The atmosphere in the study was quite harmonious, but Song Qingchun felt it was sucking the breath out of her. After she stayed for a few more minutes, she gave her father some excuse and escaped from the room.

After she returned to her bedroom for less than a minute, Song Menghwa called her from downstairs.

Song Qingchun pulled the door open in a hurry and rushed downstairs. She saw Su Zhinian standing at the front entrance, bidding farewell to Song Menghwa.

Song Qingchun knew her father had called her down to send the guest away, to be a polite host, so she moved to stand behind Song Menghwa silently. Song Menghwa stood at the door until Su Zhinian's car disappeared down the road, and Song Qingchun accompanied him quietly. Then, she held her father's arm as they turned back into the house.

It was then that Fang Rou rushed downstairs with a bag in her arms. "Where's Mr. Su?"

"He left already," Song Menghwa answered before asking, "What's wrong?"

Fang Rou answered, "Mr. Su forgot to take his clothes home. I've dried them already."

"He won't have gone far." Song Menghwa turned to Song Qingchun naturally and said, "Use your caryou can catch up to him easilyand return Zhinian's clothes to him."

Song Qingchun wanted to reject, but other than her, there was no one else in the house who had a driver's license. Therefore, she changed tactic instead. "How about tomorrow? I'll mail it to him tomorrow."

Song Menghwa's face fell immediately. "What sort of nonsense is that? At most, he'll only have reached the gate by now. Give him a call and tell him to wait for you. Why are you making this more complicated than it should be?"

"Fine! Fine!" Song Qingchun pouted and grumbled before grabbing the bag from Fang Rou and leaving the house.

Song Qingchun pulled out her phone to call Su Zhinian, but her memory from the previous night about the cosmetics made her freeze.

The words Cheng Qingchong had told her when she was chased away from the house were still fresh in her mind, and that, coupled with "Do whatever you want as long as you stop appearing before my eyes", made her think twice.

Perhaps he won't even answer if I call him