Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 442

Chapter 442: Pulled Together By Fate 5
Chapter 442: Pulled Together by Fate (5)
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Song Qingchun thought about it before pocketing her phone and jumping into her car.

The streets were empty since it was already 11 pm. Song Qingchun sped down the main road and was about to leave the housing compound when she spotted Su Zhinian's car by the side of the road, its emergency lights blinking.

Song Qingchun frowned and slammed down on the brakes. Even so, when she stopped, she was about a hundred meters in front of Su Zhinian.

She parked her car and hopped out, grabbing his clothes that were on the passenger seat. Then she jogged toward Su Zhinian's car.

Before Song Qingchun returned to her home, Su Zhinian had already been walking on a thin line, close to collapsing. When she did return, he had tried his best to keep himself upright. After leaving the Song family, perhaps it was the sudden release of tension, a raging fire surged through his body. His fever returned with a vengeance, causing the recovering injury on his chest to start aching as well.

After driving some distance, his sight had started to blur, and an incessant humming echoed in his ears. He had quickly stopped by the roadside to catch his breath, leaning against the steering wheel. However, his condition didn't get better. If anything, the pain on his chest only grew more insufferable; he felt like there was a knife twisting in his chest.

With his shaking fingers, he pulled out his phone to give Cheng Qingchong a call when he heard the screeching sound of tires beside his eyes. He turned to look at the source and watched Song Qingchun's car grinded to a halt in front of his car. Then, she exited the car with a bag in her hands and started running to him.

He immediately raised his phone to his ear, pretending that he was talking on the phone. After making sure she saw he was 'talking on the phone', he pretended to end the call and put the phone away. Then, he restarted his car like he didn't even see her.

She started to run even faster when she heard the engine; she even raised both her hands to wave at him to catch his attention.

The road was filled with puddles after the rain. She was running in heels, and due to the combined lack of lights and her hurry, she slipped and tripped.

This was so sudden that he didn't have the time to take over her consciousness to help her break the fall, only able to watch on as she landed face-down on the floor.

She was wearing a dress that couldn't provide her much cushion. When she slammed against the hard floor, he heard a painful groan. He didn't think twice before pushing the door open and jumping out. He dragged his tired body and rushed to her side.

When Su Zhinian reached Song Qingchun, she was already in a seated position, examining the wound on her knee.

She blew carefully and lightly on her wounds before stopping altogether suddenly, probably because she had spotted his shoes out of the corner of her eyes. The next second, she raised her head, and their eyes met.

There was still a tear hanging in the corner of her left eye. She had fallen into a shallow puddle, dirtying her pretty dress. There was even mud drying on her face and in her hair.

Like a sorry puppy, she looked pitiable and cute.