Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 447

Chapter 447: Pulled Together By Fate 10
Chapter 447: Pulled Together by Fate (10)
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From the way she's dressed, she stayed by my bedside the whole night?

Su Zhinian's heart trembled violently, and he could feel it slow down in its beating rhythm.

She must be worn out. The dark circles under her eyes are heavy, and her lips are slightly white, probably from the lack of a proper rest.

Guilt weighed down heavily on Su Zhinian's heart. This man who had ridiculous obsession with cleanliness reached out to clean the dried mud out of her hair.

Regardless of her intention, even if it was simply because she couldn't allow a fellow human being to die before her, an incomparable warmth swept through his entire body.

Ever since he met her when he was eight and later found her ten years later, he had been like her shadow, accompanying her tirelessly from the dark.

He had never asked for her to turn around to notice him. Her occasional kindness toward him, even if it was accidental, would make him feel like he owned the whole world; it gave him the greatest satisfaction he had ever known.

His hands stayed on her hair for some time before he pulled back his quilt, got out of bed, and went into the bathroom. He returned with a warm towel.

Not minding the dirt on her body, he pulled her into a hug and placed her on his bed. Then he used the towel to carefully rub away the mud stuck to her face and hair.

As if worried that he might accidentally wake her up, his touch was as light as a summer breeze, filled with love.

After cleaning her hair and face, he placed the dirtied towel on his bedside table and moved to examine the wound on her knee.

After one night, the wound started to bruise. Pieces of dirt were caked with dried blood, and the wound was heavily bruised.

Su Zhinian grabbed the first-aid kit and used a pair of tweezers to pick up a cotton ball and dip it into iodine before dabbing it carefully over her wound. After disinfecting and cleaning it, he applied some ointment on it before wrapping it with a thin layer of gauze. Then, he placed the quilt lightly over her body.

He raised his finger to caress the girl's face. Eventually, his gaze settled on a golden button that hung from her neck.

It looked so familiar.

Su Zhinian frowned as he used his finger to raise the button up. As he got a closer look, he realized it was a button from the shirt he had been wearing when he saved her two months ago.

That shirt was from the personal collection of a highly-fashionable French menswear. There was not a second one. Even the twelve buttons on the shirt were unique.

Due to the gaping wound on his abdomen, he'd had to abandon that shirt. However, since the buttons were made from pure gold and they had a design that matched his taste, he had pulled them off the shirt before he disposed of it.

However, he had only collected eleven buttons and not the expected twelve. Who would have thought that the missing button had been hanging around her neck all along?

The button was probably a clue that the police had given her. Even though she wouldn't have known the button belonged to him, the fact that she had kept it close to her heart made his own heart start to rage with emotions.