Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 448

Chapter 448: Her Approach 1
Chapter 448: Her Approach (1)
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It was already noon when Song Qingchun woke up. When she stretched her limbs, she realized with a start that she was lying in bed and not collapsed by the side of it.

The bedroom was empty except for her, and Su Zhinian was nowhere to be seen.

When she got out from bed, she noticed the bandage on her knee. In her sleep, she had probably moved around because the edges were falling off, and she realized that her wound had been treated.

There were only herself and Su Zhinian in his bungalow, so He treated my wound while I was asleep?

Song Qingchun sat at the edge of his bed, staring at the gauze that covered her knee. The softest part of her left chest welled with a curious warmth, and she didn't realize her lips had curved into a smile.

She felt like she had woken up in a different timeline, one where they still shared that hundred-day contract.

Just as Song Qingchun was spacing out, the bedroom door behind her was pushed open. She turned around instantly to watch an expressionless Su Zhinian walk in.

Song Qingchun jumped up from his bed subconsciously, and due to the haze of her sleep, the words in her head tumbled out of her mouth without any thought. "Has your fever retreated?"

Her tone sounded just like the one she used when they still shared the bungalow; there was no trace of awkwardness or forced politeness. It brought them close together as if the period of separation was just an illusion.

Su Zhinian stared at Song Qingchun in silence for a few seconds before nodding silently.

Song Qingchun walked to him easily and naturally placed her palm on his forehead. When her soft palm pressed on his skin, his hands gripped subconsciously into fists.

After waking up and going downstairs that morning, he had not returned to his bedroom.

With some time away from the dream-like environment of his bedroom, rationality had slowly returned to his brain. He had sat in quiet rumination on the sofa, thinking about how they had managed to get bungled together even after every cruel things and actions he had said and done.

It seemed like fate had been pulling them together.

He had heard some noises from his bedroom when she woke up. He had stood outside the door to his bedroom for a long time, trying to formulate a cruel eviction message. However, he was dazed by the gorgeous picture as he pushed the door open.

The sun outside the window was glorious. Looking into the eyes of the girl who was one head shorter than him, he could see her sincere concern as she felt his temperature. The moment was so perfect that he didn't have the heart to shatter it; he found himself unable to say the words that had already reached his lips.

Song Qingchun had no idea what Su Zhinian was thinking about. She placed her palm on his forehead for about a minute before pulling away.

Her eyes seemed to smile at him when she said, "Your fever seems to have disappeared, but your temperature is still quite high. When Doctor Xia came to look over you yesterday, he left some medicine, so you'd better take it as required."

Song Qingchun then turned to walk to the bedside table to look over the many medicine packets and bottles. She explained to Su Zhinian, "This white bottle is for anti-inflammation; Doctor Xia said to take four each time, and this one"

Song Qingchun turned to ask Su Zhinian, "Wait you still haven't had any right?"

She then prepared the medicine as Doctor Xia ordered and walked to the coffee table to pour a glass of water.