Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 450

Chapter 450: Her Approach 3
Chapter 450: Her Approach (3)
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She gripped the glass in her hand tightly and stood there without a word.

Perhaps he had imagined it, but he thought he saw utter disappointment on the girl's face, like she was being forced to give up her most beloved stuff animal in the world.

He had spent his whole life trying to love her, and it had never been his intention to make her sad. When he saw her in that state, he subconsciously wanted to reach out to console her or at least take away the glass of water and medicine from her grasp.

However, he merely raised his hands an inch when the girl suddenly raised her head; there was a natural smile on her fair face. She uttered in a light and brief tone, "Goodbye."

Su Zhinian's half-raised hands hung awkwardly in midair. He nodded slightly at her, and then she turned to the bedside table to place the glass of water and medicine on it. After that, she grabbed the bag that was left on the chair beside it and turned toward the bedroom door.

An urge to grab her arm and pull her into his embrace welled up within him when Song Qingchun walked past. Then, he would ask her, Can you please stay to accompany me?

However, he knew that he couldn't; he could only watch her leave. His fists shook as he pitted his rational brain against his emotional heart.

Eventually, his brain won out. He stood there quietly by the bedroom door and did nothing as he listened to her pad down the stairs.

When she opened the door, there was the sound of an engine from the driveway. Then he heard the conversation between her and Doctor Xia.

"Miss Song, you're leaving?"

"Yes, I have something to attend to."

"How's Mr. Su?"

"Better, but his temperature is still a bit high."

"I will go take a look at him then. Thank you for everything yesterday."

"You're welcome. Goodbye, Doctor Xia."

Song Qingchun waited until Doctor Xia had reached the second floor before she closed the door. When the door was half-closed, her eyes swept the shoe rack, and she saw the many disposable chopsticks that came with take-outs on it.

Song Qingchun's brows furrowed, and her hand that held the door stopped. She glanced at the second floor before slinking into Su Zhinian's bungalow and going into his dining room.

The dining room was clean, and there were a few unopened take-out boxed on the table. They were probably his meals for the whole day, and they were still untouched.

Song Qingchun walked around the dining table with a deep frown. She pulled open the fridge, and her frown deepened when she saw it was empty. Other than a few bottles of milk and water, there was nothing in it. There were three boxes of ice-cream in the freezer, and those were her purchases when she had stayed there. She still hadn't finished them when she had been tossed out of his house.

Song Qingchun stood there dazed for half a minute before turning to pull open the door to the kitchen. As she expected, the situation in there was exactly as she'd left it. In other words, for the past half a month, no one had even turned on the stove in Su Zhinian's kitchen!

This means that he has been having take-out for his every meal?

Song Qingchun frowned. Her heart softened when she was reminded of the large wound on his abdomen.

How has he even managed to survive until now? Even when his injury was at its worst, he was living on these unhealthy take-outs for every meal?