Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 451

Chapter 451: Her Approach 4
Chapter 451: Her Approach (4)
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No wonder he has lost so much weight and looks sickly.

Sometimes, the deepest show of emotion was the most silent; it came without warning or fanfare. However, this didn't take away from the strength of the emotion, one that would often compel someone to do things that they shouldn't.

Song Qingchun found herself in such a situation at that moment. She knew Su Zhinian's life no longer had anything to do with her, but when she saw the take-outs on the table and the empty fridge, instead of walking away like she should have done, she cleared away the take-outs on the table and the take-out menus Su Zhinian had stuck all over the fridge door. She dropped them all into the dustbin and went to the nearest supermarket to restock Su Zhinian's refrigerator. She even cooked a scrumptious meal for him.

Song Qingchun took half an hour shopping for Su Zhinian. Then she spent some more time in the kitchen cooking porridge, stir-frying some vegetables, and making a stew. When she finished with everything, Song Qingchun pulled out her phone and realized with a start it was already 5.30 pm.

A curse fell out of Song Qingchun's lips. "F*ck, it's so late already?"

She had thought to be finished with all that while Su Zhinian was stuck to the drip and had planned to leave without him noticing. However, she had lost track of time.

She started counting on her fingers. "Doctor Xia came around 1.30 pm, and if he helped Take-out Su with the drip then, at the latest, Take-out Su will be done with the drip by 4.30 pm."

Song Qingchun then heard the loud whirring of the exhaust fan that she had kept on in the kitchen. The noise had covered up any other voice in the room, so she wouldn't have heard anything else.

She frowned and grumbled under her breath, "Doctor Xia should have left already, right?"

"Then again, it didn't seem like Take-out Su has come downstairs." A layer of hope surfaced at the bottom of Song Qingchun's eyes. "The fan is loud, so if he had come downstairs, he would have wandered into the kitchen to see what's wrong."

Song Qingchun bit on her fingers. She analyzed the situation in her head while glancing at the cooking porridge. She reached out to lower the flame and told herself, "I'd better leave before Take-out Su realizes what's happening."

Song Qingchun pulled open the kitchen door and dashed out of it as fast as she could. When she reached the dining room, she stopped and walked to the dining table as if remembering something. She grabbed the nearest pen and paper, voicing out the thing that she was writing. "The porridge is in the kitchen; you can turn off the fire after another twenty minutes."

She tossed the pen away and stuck the note to the center of the dining table. Then she rushed out of the dining room.

She poked her head into the living room, and realizing no one was there, she sighed in great relief and started to slink toward the front door.

When Song Qingchun reached the couch, she grabbed her bag that was lying on it. She took a deep breath to calm herself and was going to make one last mad dash out of Su Zhinian's bungalow when she heard the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs.

Song Qingchun froze and turned instinctively around. She saw Su Zhinian, who had his hands in his pockets, wander down the stairs leisurely.