Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 454

Chapter 454: Her Approach 7
Chapter 454: Her Approach (7)
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At the time, she didn't think too much of it. She had merely concluded that he was a busy man. Sometimes, his work-related calls would go past one or two hours but now, listening to his familiar and light tone, she realized she missed it.

Usually, when he was busy, she would find ways to entertain herself, either by running in the gym, or watching her dramas in the living room That kind of life, now that she thought about, was quite mundane, but for some reason, she found herself missing it.

A fade sense of disappointment rose to Song Qingchun's chest. She stood at the door for a long time until Su Zhinian hung up the phone. She then raised her hand to lightly knock at the door.

"Come in." Su Zhinian's crisp voice drifted out from within.

Song Qingchun pushed open the door, and as she walked in, she saw Su Zhinian make another call. He probably had something important at work to deal with. He pointed at the sofa, and before he could say anything to her, his call was picked up. He waved for her to wait before starting to discuss stuff like shares, profit margins, and the like.

Song Qingchun didn't disturb him and obediently went to sit at the sofa. Her eyes scanned Su Zhinian's study before eventually falling on the window in which she could see Su Zhinian's reflection.

He was seated in a graceful pose, his one hand cradling the phone, the other clicking the mouse. It seemed like his brain was working on both things separately.

When she stayed with him, it was not uncommon for Song Qingchun to come find him when Su Zhinian was busy.

She remembered one time she needed his help with a game. She had a hard time passing the trial, so she hugged her laptop and came searching for his help. Similarly, he was having a video-conference with a foreigner. He only had her wait for five minutes, but she remembered how impatient she had been at the time.

However, today, she found herself wishing that his call would go on forever. That way, she could stay in his company forever and ever.

In spite of her wish, the call soon ended.

Su Zhinian placed the phone down and continued typing on his computer for about a minute before leaning in his chair and raising his fingers to massage the bridge of his nose. After some time, he turned to Song Qingchun and said, "Sorry for making you wait."

Song Qingchun shook her head at him. She didn't want to say goodbye, but she turned her lips up at Su Zhinian and uttered, "It's getting late; I have to leave now."

"Wait for a while longer." Su Zhinian removed his fingers from his face. He saw the confusion in Song Qingchun's eyes, so he explained softly, "Your clothes are still in the dryer."

Song Qingchun blinked several times before she remembered the machine sound she had heard when she was coming upstairs earlier. She hadn't paid it much attention, and now she realized it was the washing machine. Meaning he helped me wash my dirty clothes?

For some inexplicable reason, Song Qingchun felt a sweet and warm feeling suffuse through her heart.

She responded with an "oh" before her lips curved involuntarily into a smile. Then she added, "Thank you."

Su Zhinian replied with a grunt of acknowledgement and nothing else.

Song Qingchun studied him quietly and thought internally, Has he finished his work?