Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 456

Chapter 456: Her Approach 9
Chapter 456: Her Approach (9)
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Song Qingchun thought he was surprised at the fact that she knew, so she explained, "When I brought you back yesterday, I saw your hands clutched over your stomach. I moved them away and saw blood. Later that night"

I took off your clothes Song Qingchun found herself unable to say those words, so she lowered her head bashfully and skipped over it. " I saw your wound."

She switched the subject immediately after. "What caused the injury? A knife?"

Su Zhinian nodded.

"But why would you get stabbed by a knife?" Song Qingchun asked.

"It was an accident. I got into an altercation with a mugger, and his hand slipped," Su Zhinian answered with a shrug. It sounded like the whole incident didn't matter to him, but his words brought back some trauma for Song Qingchun.

Altercation, knife Song Qingchun was reminded of her abduction. She saw the knife flash before her eyes as the driver plunged it toward her chest.

Thankfully, she had been saved later.

So, in other words, he had experienced the same thing as her; they had both been harmed by knives. For some reason, the random titbit that Qin Yinan had told her, that it was Su Zhinian who had warned him of the danger she was in, floated into her mind.

Her instinct told her that those two things were connected somehow. She turned to look Su Zhinian in the eye and repeated the first question she'd asked, "When did this happen?"

Su Zhinian's expression was still as the surface of a lake. He answered without hesitation, "About a month ago."

A month ago? The abduction happened two months ago. The timeline doesn't match.

Song Qingchun felt like something was wrong, but she couldn't put her finger on it. After a while, she said, "I got into some trouble during the Song Empire's event several months ago. When I recovered, I asked Brother Yinan, and he said it was you who called him to inform him of my situation, and that was how he managed to reach me in time."

Song Qingchun stared directly at Su Zhinian like a police officer interrogating her suspect. She queried, "So, how did you know I was in danger?"

Su Zhinian acted like he couldn't understand what she was referring to. As she was about to call him out on it, he exclaimed, as if he just remembered something, "Oh!

"I was having dinner at Golden Corner at the time. I heard something in the bathroom and thus called Qin Yinan."

Golden Corner? Golden Corner is on the west side of the city; the event venue was on the east side. No wonder Brother Yinan vetoed the possibility that it was Su Zhinian who came to save us that day the instant I brought it up. The time just doesn't fit. Getting out of the west part of city alone would take two hours

Furthermore, from his reaction just now, it really does seem like he doesn't have any recollection of the incident. If it is really him who saved me and Brother Yinan, his defense couldn't have been so flawless

So, it is really me who has been overthinking it?

But sometimes, the fact that the testimony was so flawless was a flaw.

Su Zhinian noticed the suspicion in the depths of Song Qingchun's eyes. They sat quite a distance apart from each other, so he couldn't read her mind. This meant that he had to be extra careful with his every single word.