Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 457

Chapter 457: Her Approach 10
Chapter 457: Her Approach (10)
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He looked at her in silence for a long time. She also wasn't saying anything, but from her facial expression, it was obvious that she was struggling with some sort of suspicion.

Su Zhinian lowered his head to hide the rising anxiety in his heart. After he calmed himself, he raised his eyes to interrupt Song Qingchun's rumination by saying, "The washing machine seems to have finished already."

Song Qingchun came to, and before she could say anything, Su Zhinian added in a light tone, "It's getting late; I should rest too."

Actually, he didn't want to chase her away, but since he couldn't read her mind, he was afraid of arousing her suspicion even more should she try to interrogate him further. He could never let her know he was the guardian angel she had been looking for all along.

Song Qingchun understood the meaning inherent in Su Zhinian's words. He wanted her to leave already.

Even though she still had many unanswered questions, she herself hadn't managed to wrap her head around the issue, so she had no idea how and what to ask Su Zhinian even if she wanted to.

Since he had already brought up the fact that he needed to rest, she couldn't shamelessly stay anymore. Therefore, she suppressed her internal queries and said, "I'll go take a look."

Song Qingchun changed back into her clothes. She poured Su Zhinian a glass of water and reminded him to take his medicine when she went upstairs to bid him farewell.

Su Zhinian nodded, but instead of following her orders, he stood up and said, "I'll send you out."

"That won't be necessary." Song Qingchun immediately shook her head. "You're still recovering, so you'd better stay put. I've already called a taxi; it'll be here soon."

Song Qingchun was afraid that Su Zhinian would insist, so she added, "I'll message you when I reach home."

Su Zhinian eventually conceded but not because of anything Song Qingchun said. His fever kept receding and returning; he was afraid that some accident might happen should he drive in such a condition, so he eventually agreed for Song Qingchun to take the taxi home.

Instead, Su Zhinian wrapped a coat around Song Qingchun and helped her into the taxi.

When Song Qingchun bade him farewell, the sense of unwillingness welled up in his heart again.

Her spirit that was lifted during her long conversation with Su Zhinian started to drop as the taxi moved further and further away from his house.

When she reached home, Song Qingchun jumped into her bed and reached for her phone as per her usual habit. However, instead of checking her WhatsApp and Facebook instantly, the first thing she did was to send Su Zhinian a message. "I'm home."

Her message alert was turned on, and she would know if a message came in, but she couldn't help glancing at the notification box while she scrolled through the latest news.

There was no reply from Su Zhinian even after five minutes.

Song Qingchun lost her interest in skimming through the social media. She didn't feel drowsy even though she hadn't had a good night sleep for a whole day already. She just felt sad.

She tossed and turned in bed and occasionally reached for her phone. Eventually, she sat up in bed with frustration. She was about to go to the balcony to take a breather when the message came in.

Song Qingchun practically jumped back into bed to grab at the phone left in it. When she saw that it was a message from Su Zhinian, her lips curved involuntarily into a smile.

"Sleep early."

Like his previous messages to her, it was succinct and to the point.