Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 458

Chapter 458: Know Thy Heart 1
Chapter 458: Know Thy Heart (1)
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What should I reply with? Good night? Nah good night sounds like I'm trying to end the conversation

Song Qingchun lay in bed, biting her nails, thinking about it for a long time. She eventually sent a reply. "Have you taken your medicine?"

This time Su Zhinian's reply came very fast. "Not yet."

"Not yet?" Song Qingchun frowned as she typed. She edited the message she was typing. "Doctor Xia said, you have to take your medicine timely to have a speedy recovery. Why aren't you listening to your doctor?"

Su Zhinian, who was leaning against the headboard, smiled when he read that long message from Song Qingchun. He couldn't help but feel warm from her concern for him.

"I'll take it now." As he typed a reply, he got out of his bed to pour himself a glass of water. Using his good memory, he shook out the portion Song Qingchun had mentioned that afternoon and tossed it all into his mouth. As he placed the glass down, Song Qingchun's message came. "Do you still remember how many to take?"

Su Zhinian, who had already taken the medicine, replied, "I think so."

It was yes or no question, what does he mean by "I think so"? Song Qingchun frowned and formulated a long reply for Su Zhinian. "Two pills from the white bottle, four of the anti-inflammation pills, take one of the smallest white pills, and for the biggest white pills, three."

Song Qingchun received a "Hmm" from Su Zhinian before receiving another message. "Done."

Due to some inexplicable reason, she felt really happy knowing he had taken his medicine. Holding the phone in her hand, she wanted to continue the conversation, but she had no idea what to say, so in the end, she merely said, "Good night."

Su Zhinian stared at the two words on screen and a softness circulated in his eyes. He typed, "I love you, good night," on his phone but edited the "I love you" out before he sent the message.

When Song Qingchun received the "good night" from Su Zhinian, she felt weirdly comforted. She stared at the message for a long time before raising her finger to swipe up.

She started rereading the messages they had shared that night. In fact, those messages weren't long; in total, there were probably less than a hundred words, but she felt like she was reading something more interesting and exciting than a novel.

She reread the messages many times, and no matter how many times she reread the same thing, she didn't feel bored. She eventually found herself clamping her hand over her mouth to stop herself from laughing. Song Qingchun bit on her finger with a stupid grin on her face. As she stared at the ceiling, she thought, Does this mean that we have 'made up'?

Should be, right? After all, we're text buddies now!

Song Qingchun pulled the cover over her head and started to giggle.

She had no idea that, on the other end, Su Zhinian was rereading their many messages, too.

His lips were also curved into a smile. He felt like his heart was melting, releasing a warm, fuzzy feeling. However, his smile slowly became tinged by sadness.

Have we 'made up' just like that?

It was too wonderful, but the wonderful dream was just one step away from being his biggest nightmare. However, he couldn't bring himself to hurt her anymore, so he decided to let it be, to maintain their current status quo to be friends, a pair of normal friends.

The next morning, Song Qingchun woke up hugging her phone.

She reread her messages with Su Zhinian before starting her morning rituals.