Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 459

Chapter 459: Know Thy Heart 2
Chapter 459: Know Thy Heart (2)
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While she was brushing her teeth, she grabbed her phone and replied to the message that Su Zhinian had sent the night before. "Sorry, I fell asleep quickly last night, so I only just saw your message this morning."

When Song Qingchun was having breakfast, she received the reply from Su Zhinian. "Woke up already?"

'Yes' Song Qingchun typed but deleted it after some thought. Then she snapped a picture of her breakfast and sent it to Su Zhinian along with a short message. "Have you had your breakfast?"

"Not yet."

"What are you having?"

Just like that, the relationship between two was pulled closer. Song Qingchun didn't question the earlier separation, and Su Zhinian didn't bring it up. Both had a shared understanding that the earlier period where they were strangers was to be ignored as a dark part of their history.

Initially, Song Qingchun and Su Zhinian reinitiated their relationship with messaging.

With Song Menghwa's order to return Su Zhinian's one hundred million investment, Song Qingchun had a second face-to-face encounter with Su Zhinian.

Ever since that first meeting, Song Qingchun wished for a second one. Therefore, when Song Menghwa said he needed to mail the cheque to Su Zhinian, Song Qingchun volunteered to personally hand it to him. After that, she kept coming up with excuses to find Su Zhinian.

After that second meeting came a third and a fourth. Eventually, she didn't even come up with a pretext to see him anymore.

Song Qingchun never once examined why she wanted to see Su Zhinian. She merely followed her heart. Whenever she felt like seeing him, she would go see him.

However, this didn't mean that Song Qingchun didn't understand what it meant.

It was a Friday when Song Qingchun was forced to face her own feelings. When she woke up that morning, the weather was slightly dark. Song Qingchun reached for her phone out of habit and read the "good night" sent by Su Zhinian from the night before as she dragged her drowsy body into the bathroom.

Su Zhinian appeared to have a busy day that day. Other than the few messages they shared that morning, Song Qingchun would have to wait for several hours before she received any reply from him.

In contrast to Su Zhinian, Song Qingchun was unusually free. Due to a lack of on-going assignments, she managed to scurry away to play some game at work and even spent two hours napping in her office. Eventually, her boss gave her an assignment, and she finally had a valid reason to leave her office. However, that assignment only took up half an hour before it was done.

When she finished her assignment, it was already 5.30 pm. On the way back to her company, she thought about the futility of her action, since the company would be closed when she got there, so she took a detour and headed home.

When she passed Nanluogu Alley, Song Qingchun was reminded of a cake she loved from one of the bakeries there. She parked her car by the roadside and headed into the alley with her purse.

The bakery was crowded, and Song Qingchun lined up for about ten minutes before it was her turn.

It was Song Qingchun's habit to put her card in the third slot of her wallet. She grabbed the card, as per her usual habit, and she didn't realize it was the wrong card. After being told the password she keyed in was wrong twice, she realized her mistake. She asked for the card back from the cashier and realized with a start that she had presented the cashier with the black card given by Su Zhinian.

Song Qingchun returned to her car but didn't start the engine instantly. Instead, she opened her wallet to stare at Su Zhinian's card.

Su Zhinian had left for work a few days ago, and now that she thought about it, it had been almost a week since she last saw him. She also remembered he just returned to Beijing the previous night.