Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 460

Chapter 460: Know Thy Heart 3
Chapter 460: Know Thy Heart (3)
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Due to their almost daily correspondence, Song Qingchun didn't realize how much she missed him until she saw that black card. Suddenly, she wanted to meet him to see his face and talk to him in person.

The desire grew within Song Qingchun's heart at an impossible rate. She suddenly slammed her wallet shut like she had come to a decision. She started her car engine and took a turn at a junction before her, heading toward Su Zhinian's bungalow.

Previously when Song Qingchun wanted to see Su Zhinian, she would notify him about it beforehand through phone messages.

This time, she wanted to give him a surprise. It was not until Song Qingchun parked her car inside Su Zhinian's bungalow driveway that she was reminded of the fact that she hadn't given him a heads' up.

But I'm already here; I can't turn around now, can I? Song Qingchun thought about it and found herself an excuse before she switched off the ignition and alighted from her car.

Song Qingchun knew the password to Su Zhinian's bungalow, but she still pressed the doorbell to announce her arrival. However, there was no answer.

Song Qingchun suddenly pulled out her phone as if she had just remembered something. She glanced at the time. It was merely 7 pm; Su Zhinian was probably still on his way home.

This was unlike the time where she still shared a contractual relationship with Su Zhinian. She didn't think it would be wise for her to enter his house without his permission.

Thankfully, this gave her the perfect opportunity to come up with an excuse for her sudden appearance. She decided she would wait for him to return and lie to him by saying that she had also just arrived and was about to ring the doorbell when she heard his car coming.

Song Qingchun, who had the whole plan thought out, stood for a little while longer at the front door before returning to her car.

Song Qingchun turned on the radio and pushed her seat back. She leaned into it and started playing game on her phone to pass the time. However, her eyes kept wander to the rear-view mirror.

Time trickled by, but there was still no trace of Su Zhinian's car even though it was already 8 pm. Could it really be such a coincidence that the only time I came unannounced, he is busy and has not return home?

Then, she was reminded of the fact that Su Zhinian still hadn't replied to the messages she had sent him that afternoon. Song Qingchun frowned and stared at her phone in disappointment. She started to wonder if she should fire him another message.

Just as she was hesitating, the phone in her palm vibrated, and a message popped up.

It was from Su Zhinian, replying to her message that asked about the weather in America, where he had gone for work. "Not bad."

After that message, Song Qingchun stopped hesitating. She typed a reply to Su Zhinian instantly. "You're still not home?"

This was probably the busiest day for Su Zhinian in the year 2016. He had met two clients in one morning, had three consecutive meetings in the afternoon, and had to socialize with an important partner that evening.

He stole out to the bathroom and took that opportunity to reply to Song Qingchun.

While he was in the bathroom, Su Zhinian felt the phone in his pocket vibrate. After washing his hands, he pulled out his phone and read her message. "You're still not home?"

Su Zhinian answered honestly. "Not yet, there is an important dinner tonight"

However, at this point, Su Zhinian's fingers suddenly froze.