Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 464

Chapter 464: Know Thy Heart 7
Chapter 464: Know Thy Heart (7)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Cheng Qingchong stared at Song Qingchun for a while, and when the latter still hadn't moved, she once more reminded her, "Miss Song?"

"Huh?" Song Qingchun raised her head to look at Cheng Qingchong. She realized the other woman wasn't going to say anything, so she followed Cheng Qingchong's gaze, which was fixed on her palm. Song Qingchun then realized the napkins Cheng Qingchong had handed her earlier had now been scrunched up into a ball.

She laughed awkwardly at Cheng Qingchong and placed the napkins on the table to flatten them out. She wiped the back of her palm hurriedly before tossing them all away.

She grabbed the chopsticks and continued to eating. However, Cheng Qingchong realized that, even though the chopsticks were moving, they weren't carrying any rice.

What's wrong with Miss Song? It was her left hand that was splattered, but she used the napkin to wipe her right hand? She keeps moving the chopsticks to her mouth, but there is no food on them? And it doesn't seem like she's noticed what she's doing.

Cheng Qingchong, who had corrected and reminded Song Qingchun many times that night, started to have second-hand embarrassment on behalf of Song Qingchun. She didn't think she could remind Song Qingchun once more without hurting the other woman's face.

After some time, Song Qingchun realized the mistake she was making. She laughed drily at Cheng Qingchong before explaining softly, "I was just thinking about something; I'm so sorry."

"It's okay," Cheng Qingchong replied with a kind smile.

Song Qingchun smiled in return before lowering her face. She looked at the tableful of dishes, but she had no appetite at all. Her mind was stuck to the situation that might have been happening in Su Zhinian's private room.

She raised her chopsticks before putting them down again listlessly. She then raised her eyes to look at Cheng Qingchong and said, "I have to use the bathroom."

"Shall I go with you?" Cheng Qingchong said as she stood up.

"It's fine." Song Qingchun wanted some time to herself.

Cheng Qingchong realized Song Qingchun was probably not feeling well and needed her privacy, so she sat back down and said understandingly, "Call me if you need me."

"Thank you." Song Qingchun grabbed her bag and exited the room.

Song Qingchun had no real destination in mind, so she wandered down the long corridor aimlessly. She walked slowly until she reached the elevator. There was someone waiting for the elevator, and he was going up.

When the elevator door opened, she followed the man into it. When the man pressed his destination level, she also reached forward to press a random number. When the man exited the elevator, there was only Song Qingchun left in it. When the elevator stopped, she realized she was at the floor to Su Zhinian's private room.

Weird, why am I here?

Song Qingchun walked out of the elevator and stood at the door for a long time, thinking quietly to herself. She looked at the door to Su Zhinian's room and, after some hesitation, headed back into the elevator.

She raised her finger to press the close button before pressing the open button right after. The elevator door opened and closed, closed and opened, following her orders. She repeated this umpteen times before she finally walked out of the elevator and made a beeline at Su Zhinian's room without stopping and without hesitation.