Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 466

Chapter 466: Know Thy Heart 9
Chapter 466: Know Thy Heart (9)
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Song Qingchun bit on her lower lip, and a thought flashed in her mind.

She could wait until the waiter returned and just so happened to walk past their room then to peek through the open door to see the situation inside.

Song Qingchun, who had the plan all sorted out, waited for the chance to arrive in the bathroom. Five minutes later, Song Qingchun saw the waiter pass the bathroom with a few wine bottles.

She took a deep breath and arranged her facial expression in the mirror before pulling the door open and walking out.

The waiter heard the door open and turned around. When he saw her, he smiled friendly at her, probably remembering her from earlier. She nodded slightly in return and stared straight ahead. Her high heels clicked across the floor slowly.

As she planned, the waiter stopped before Su Zhinian's room. When the waiter knocked on the door, she picked up her speed to get close to him. As the waiter pushed the door open and went in, she found herself standing right at the door.

Her movement couldn't have been slower even if she tried. She stretched out her neck and stared right into the private room. The chandelier inside was off, and only the strobe lights were on. Two girls shared a microphone and twisted their bodies in as compromising a was as possible. As they sang out of tune, they kept winking and flirting at the two men sitting on the long sofa.

Such depravity! Song Qingchun grumbled internally before moving her gaze in further. The waiter was bent over, putting the bottles down on the table, and a woman was kneeling on the floor, pouring the wine.

Behind the woman was a man. Two other girls sat on either side of him, the one of his left seemed to be feeding him fruit slices while the other straddled his thigh, her slender body blocking Song Qingchun's view of the man's face. They seemed to be kissing, and the girl's already skimpy clothing managed to become skimpier. Her back was exposed, and the man's grubby hands were sliding all over it.

Due to the dim lighting, Song Qingchun couldn't catch the color of the shirt the man was wearing. As mentioned earlier, his face was blocked, so she couldn't tell whether it was Su Zhinian or CEO Lee.

When she prepared to avert her eyes to look at the other man, the waiter had finished his job. He stood up and said, "Enjoy the wine."

Song Qingchun quickly pulled her gaze back and ran from the scene as fast as she could. When she was a distance away, she slowed down and resumed walking in a graceful pace.

She heard the door behind her close and the sound of the waiter's footsteps becoming lighter and lighter. It was not until the ding of the elevator reverberated through the corridor that Song Qingchun stopped walking, and her originally calm body started to shake.

She knew this was how business meetings were often conducted; she was not a white lotus. As a reporter, she had seen much worse in terms of depravity.

When she got downstairs down, she wondered what Su Zhinian would do with these girls. Even though she didn't have a concrete answer, her heart believed that the man who had always shown great aversion to female contact would not be as basic as other men. At most, he would have the girls sing some songs or pour some wine.