Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 467

Chapter 467: Know Thy Heart 10
Chapter 467: Know Thy Heart (10)
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However, the fact was, she didn't expect she would be shown such a view. Because she couldn't be certain whether the person she saw was CEO Lee or not, there was a fifty percent chance remained that it was Su Zhinian.

More importantly, shouldn't two girls be enough for two men? Why would they need seven girls

To dance, to sing, to flirt, to kneel on the floor to pour wine, to hug, to touch, to kiss

It is true what they say; he who lies down with dogs must rise up with fleas! If one is already so depraved, the other can't be much better!

Do they need to do all that to close a business deal?

And to think he once told me with such deep emotion that he only loves Tingting and will not think about another woman in his life. Even if he dies alone, he will not regret loving her it was all a lie!

The crows all over the world are equally black! Men are never creatures of their word!

Even though it was not her whom Su Zhinian had lied to, Song Qingchun was indignant on Tingting's behalf. There was a great ball of fire within her, like someone had set her heart alight. The more she thought about the image that she had seen, the greater her fury burnt. This fury accumulated until she felt like her chest was about to explode.

When Song Qingchun passed Su Zhinian's room, her face fell, and she stopped moving. She stared dead straight at the closed door, and there was an urge within her to kick the door open and drag that sorry man by the name of Su Zhinian out on his hands and knees.

However, she still had a good head on her shoulders; this was after all an important business meeting.

Song Qingchun felt like she had to vent somehow or else she might go crazy, but what could she do to assuage the anger and frustration in her heart?

Song Qingchun stood before the door, gritting her teeth. Then she turned and dashed toward the elevator with purposeful steps as if she had a plan in mind.

She pressed the call button with more force than necessary and rushed into it when the door opened. She pressed the button for the first floor angrily.

When the elevator reached the first floor and the door opened, Song Qingchun practically ran to the front counter.

The receptionist saw her, smiled kindly, and asked, "Miss, how can I help you"

Before the woman could finish, Song Qingchun interrupted her. "Are there any currently available Karaoke Girls at Eldorado?"

The receptionist had heard this question many times before, but this was the first time the request had come from a woman. She was startled for a moment before she rearranged her facial expression and replied in a friendly tone, "Miss, how many do you need?"

Song Qingchun raised her chin, stared at the receptionist, and uttered her demand loud and clear.

"I need as many as you can give me!"

Since she couldn't go in to drag Su Zhinian out, then she would flood the damn room with all the girls at Eldorado and flush the man out! Well, if he likes girl that much, seven is definitely not enough, have seventy instead!

The receptionist was probably stunned by Song Qingchun's demand and presence; she was speechless, staring at Song Qingchun, for a long time.

Song Qingchun frowned slightly before reaching into her purse to grab her wallet. She was pulling out her card, but she shoved it back and switched it out for Su Zhinian's black card instead. She slammed it heavily on the counter and declared, "Did you not hear me? I said, give me as many girls as you have, and charge it all on this card!"