Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 468

Chapter 468: So This Is Love 1
Chapter 468: So This Is Love (1)
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The receptionist's whole body shook when the card slammed on the counter. She quickly recovered, but the shock returned when those words tumbled out of the pretty face that stared at her.

"Give me as many girls as you have, and charge it all on this card!"

Eldorado was the biggest private club in Beijing, and they had the most Karaoke Girls. It was merely 10 pm, and most girls were free since their actual work hour started after midnight. Therefore, there were at least 150 available girls.

You, you, you The receptionist repeated "you" three times in her heart before she moved the shock out of her expression and stammered out her question. "Miss, you you really want that that many girls?"

Song Qingchun stood straight and nodded without hesitation. She then frowned with impatience. She tapped the card twice on the marble counter and practically squeezed a reply out of the space between her teeth. They were sharp and severe. "Can you make it quick or you don't want my business?"

Song Qingchun stressed the second phrase of her question, so the receptionist didn't dare dawdle. She passed Song Qingchun a bill that was seven digits long. Before she swiped Song Qingchun's card, she still hesitated and reminded her, "Miss, we have a no-return policy; are you sure"

Before the receptionist could finish, Song Qingchun glared sharply at her, causing the receptionist to shiver involuntarily. She swallowed the rest of her question and obediently helped Song Qingchun with her purchase. She swiped the card and said, "Miss, please key in your password."

Song Qingchun glanced at the keypad out of the corner of her eye. She keyed in the password without hesitation and pressed confirm without batting an eye.

Eldorado was a high-class entertainment center, and practically all the customers that passed through the doors were loaded to a certain degree. However, this was the first time the receptionist had seen a woman conduct her purchase with such degree of nonchalance. After being stunned for a moment, the receptionist said in a faltering tone, "Miss, this is your card. Take care and please sign here."

Song Qingchun grabbed the pen and signed Su Zhinian's name. Then, without a glance at the receptionist who was gawking at her, she ordered, "Send all these girls to 1808."

Then, she grabbed the card and casually sauntered away.

The receptionist had fulfilled her monthly quota in one night, but for some reason, looking at Song Qingchun's calm and graceful back, she felt a chill rise up her spine.

Song Qingchun's mood improved greatly, but that barely lasted five minutes. When she reached the door to the room where Cheng Qingchong was still waiting for her, her mood was as bad as she felt when she peeked into Su Zhinian's room.

Seven girls were enough to create such a depraved scene; what would happen with more than a hundred girls?

Will Su Zhinian flirt with every single one of them?

Then the salacious image of Su Zhinian being surrounded by a group of women cropped up in Song Qingchun's mind.