Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 469

Chapter 469: So This Is Love 2
Chapter 469: So This Is Love (2)
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Song Qingchun felt the air around her starting to thin, and even her breathing had slowed. It was as if a huge rock was on her chest, which made her feel tired and frustrated.

She didn't want him to spend time with those girls; she wanted to call him to come downstairs immediately.

The thought was like a spark amid a stack of hay; it lit up her mind with a grand whoosh. and as the flames retreated, a plan was formed. She stared at the door for a long time as if hesitating. Then, there was a firm resolution on her face as she pushed the door open.

Cheng Qingchong heard the door open, stood up and asked, "Miss Song, you're back?"

Song Qingchun smiled at Cheng Qingchong, but before she could say anything, she purposely took a faltering step, and as an "ouch" escaped from her lips, she sprained her ankle, collapsing onto the heavy carpet with a thud.

After being in the world of business for so many years, Su Zhinian had gotten used to many things except for one, the business meetings that involved Karaoke Girls.

For many years, whenever he saw girls entering the room to join in the discussion, he would find an excuse and leave. However, sometimes the deal was too important for him to leave, so he would be left with no choice but to tough it out. That night was one of those times.

CEO Lee was a respectful businessman and was a great business partner, but he had a quirk that Su Zhinian frowned upon deeply. He appreciated the company of various kind of women during business meeting.

The discussion with CEO Lee was literally at the last step. Therefore, since CEO Lee wanted to have a little fun that night, Su Zhinian had no choice but to play along.

CEO Lee ordered seven girls at one go. Even though he kept to himself and sat quietly on the sofa, his heart was growing apprehensive. The most annoying part was CEO Lee knew how to share; he had two of the girls accompany Su Zhinian.

CEO Lee was a player. He ignored Su Zhinian's discomfort and started playing with the girls himself. Under CEO Lee's orders, two of the girls stood before the large television screen that was built into the wall and started posing. He would have them wink at him or throw him a kiss.

Su Zhinian shut himself off from his surroundings. Other than Song Qingchun and his mother, he was averse to female contact. Romantically speaking, he was only receptive to teasing from Song Qingchun; seduction from any other female would only make him feel weak in the stomach.

He focused on his phone, trying to shut the girls out, but the girls who CEO Lee had sent his way probably saw this as a challenge and actively made advances on him. One of them grinded her chin on his shoulder, trying to take a look at his phone screen. In a tone that was as seductive as they come, she whispered into his ear, "What are you watching that's so interesting?"

Unlike normal men who could be aroused by this seduction, Su Zhinian felt a feeling of disgust course through him. As if acting on instinct, he shoved the woman away from him.

Then he grabbed the wet napkin on the table and wiped furiously on the spot the woman had laid her chin on. However, no matter how hard he scrubbed his clothes, he still felt incredibly dirty.