Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 47

Chapter 47: 100 Days Of Cohabitation 7
Chapter 47: 100 Days of Cohabitation (7)
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Su Zhinian was like a statue; he didn't even bat an eye, much less open his mouth to speak.

Regardless, that day was the first night she was going to spend at Su Zhinian's place after signing the contract. She was going to cook dinner in his kitchen Shouldn't she ask for his opinion before she got started?

Song Qingchun, who was heading toward the kitchen, hesitated. She finally stopped and turned to address Su Zhinian, who was reading his document. "Mr. Su, what do you want for dinner?"

She should have expected the result, because once again, her words were ignored. However, this time, he seemed to finally respond to her presence. His face twitched with slight emotion as if a statue coming to life.

He flipped the page of the document slowly. The expensive watch on his wrist caught the glow from the chandelier and refracted rays of blinding light.

Encouraged by his motion, Song Qingchun's relaxed slightly and continued in an enquiring tone, "Is it okay if we have Chinese Yam Pork Ribs Soup? There's a fish in the freezer, so would you prefer it steamed? There are also some leftover ribs; do you want them braised in soy sauce or sweet and sour sauce?"

Su Zhinian still did not show any intent of answering her even though he did raise his head to look at her. There was deep coldness in his eyes. It made Song Qingchun's heart quiver with fear as if she had made some unforgivable mistake. Song Qingchun did not dare hold his gaze, and she turned quickly around and headed into the kitchen.

Song Qingchun had heard the worst thing come out of Su Zhinian's mouth, so she was secretly psyched by this cold shoulder he was giving her. In these one hundred days, she did not dare to hope for a merry relationship, and she did not expect that his treatment of her would improve. In fact, in these hundred days, she did not think she would even hear one kind word from him.

For these hundred days, she would not ask for much, she only prayed that he would not get unreasonably mad at her and she would be satisfied. Even if he treated her like air, day in and day out, she wouldn't mind; she preferred it, if anything.

She just wanted to honor her part of the contract so that he would not renege on it. In one hundred days' time, she would successfully get a fully revived Song Empire from his hands.

However, her small desire seemed so impossible in that moment. The man's personality was simply too hard to juggle, his emotions flipped as fast as the boat capsized in the water. He would flare up without warning.

Song Qingchun, who busied herself in the kitchen, thought back to the scene from yesterday morning. One second, he was peacefully eating the porridge at the table, but the next, Su Zhinian flung the bowl away. Song Qingchun sighed quietly and shook her head. Tonight, she swore to be nothing but careful!

The dinner was scrumptious; there were four dishes and one soup. Song Qingchun set the table before going to the living room. The television was switched on when she did not notice, and the document that was in Su Zhinian's hand earlier was now on the coffee table.

Song Qingchun did not wander into the living room but stood at the threshold of the dining room to call Su Zhinian, who sat with his back facing her.

"Mr. Su, dinner is ready."

To Song Qingchun's immense surprise, the man opened his golden mouth to reply her, uttering the first noise she had heard from him that night.


The moment Su Zhinian stepped into the dining room, Song Qingchun immediately pulled out the seat he usually sat in for him. After he sat down, Song Qingchun passed him his chopsticks and served him a bowl of hot soup.