Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 470

Chapter 470: So This Is Love 34
Chapter 470: So This Is Love (3+4)
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His stomach, which was already churning, worsened. The two girls were frozen in place by his cold stare, and they maintained a large distance from him.

In the dim lights of the room, the sticky and gooey sound of seven women circulated around his ears, and his nostrils were filled with the heavy smell of cheap perfume. In fact, he could even hear the heavy breathing and moaning of the girl who had collapsed on top of CEO Lee.

The combination of various sounds and smells gave his queasy stomach no rest. He was really worried that he might vomit there in the room. He was sure that would ruin CEO Lee's day, so instead of doing anything, he decided to close his eyes and lean back in the sofa, trying to zone everything out.

It was working. After a while, the situation in his stomach started to settle.

His tense body was about to relax when the door to the room was pushed, open and a waitress walked in, saying, "Sirs, the girls you ordered are here."

After she said that, she clapped her hands twice. The door was pushed wider open, and behind the waitress, girls started to file in. One girl, two girls, three girls ten girls thirty girls seventy girls

The whole room was occupied, there was barely standing space left. However, there were still girls who were trying to get in.

What the hell is going on?

The normally collected Su Zhinian looked at the endless parade of women, and his sanity almost snapped.

Even CEO Lee, who was in the middle of heated moment with one of the original girls, was stunned. He looked at the roomful of women of all sizes and shapes with a gaping mouth.

Eventually, with some of the girls climbing over one another, the girls finally stopped coming in.

The waitress who stood at the door could no longer be seen, but they could hear her voice say, "Sirs, have fun."

Then, the door closed with a click.

Have fun? Just what kind of fun can be had in a room filled with more than a hundred girls?

Su Zhinian felt his temples start to throb. It was as if his brain was expanding, and he was going to die from the headache.

The specially trained girls started to introduce themselves.

"Good sirs, nice to meet you, my name is Lingling."

"I'm Nana."

"You can call me Anna."

"My name is Fei Fei."


Su Zhinian felt like he was developing tinnitus as the girls reported their fake names in affectedly sweet tones.

CEO Lee slowly recovered from his shock. There was an explosion of happiness in his eyes. He turned to Su Zhinian with his eyes practically sparkling and said excitedly, "CEO Su, is this a pleasant surprise from you?"

Pleasant surprise? How is this pleasant in any way? But who the hell can tell me where these ladies came from? What the hell is happening?

Su Zhinian wanted to shake his head, but the first thing he needed to do then was cover his nose and mouth. The one hundred or so different kinds of perfume in the room were going to smother him to death.

CEO Lee stood up happily and started to evaluate the girls one by one. He poked one on the waist, another on her chest, and a few more on their buttocks, causing the girls to squeal and berate him mock-angrily.

Su Zhinian could feel his stomach churning.

"CEO Su, I love this surprise very very much" CEO Lee laughed, and he continued his 'inspection'.

At one point, CEO Lee felt like it was wrong for him to enjoy this paradise alone, so when Su Zhinian walked past him in an attempt to storm out, CEO Lee pulled him back into the welcoming embrace of the girls.

Various soft body parts ground themselves against Su Zhinian. He almost dry heaved then and there.

"Right, right! The deal! Where's the proposal? I'll sign it now! I'll give you an additional twenty percent on top of the profit margin we discussed!" CEO Lee said generously, and as a man of his word, he really started to go search for the proposal.

However, before he could locate that piece of paper, Su Zhinian reached his limits. He wanted to give CEO Lee an excuse and sought an escape. However, as he opened his mouth, he felt the vomit had reached his throat. He turned immediately to the side, shoved the girls that were blocking his way, dashed out of the room and into the bathroom. The moment he reached the sink, he started to vomit. Su Zhinian unloaded the entire content of his stomach until he started to dry heave.

The vomiting drained him completely. Su Zhinian closed his eyes with his two hands firmly gripping the edge of the counter. He twisted the faucet tiredly and cupped the water with his hands, using it to wash his face. He gargled his mouth and took a few deep breaths before he felt like himself again.

He was turning the tap off and was about to go to the front desk to demand an explanation when his phone rang. It was a message alert.

He wiped down his hands slowly with the napkin and pulled his phone out to glance at it. It was a message from his bank. About ten minutes ago, he had spent 1,780,000 RMB on a credit card.

I was in the private room with CEO Lee ten minutes ago, so how did I spend so much money?

Su Zhinian frowned and read the message closer. His gaze eventually settled on the number of the card; it ended with 0615.

15th June was her birthday, so he had 0615 specially made into the black card he had given Song Qingchun.

The reality suddenly hit Su Zhinian. He clicked open his online banking account and checked for the translation list. It was as he expected; a transaction was made at Eldorado. In other words, it was Song Qingchun who ordered the roomful of women? Has she lost her mind?

He had given her the card for quite some already, and she had never used it once. The first and only time she had used it was to send him more than a hundred girls?

Su Zhinian was at the brink of a mental breakdown. He shoved his phone back into his pocket, exited the bathroom, and headed toward the elevator, leaving CEO Lee to his own devices.

While he was waiting for the elevator to come, he even kicked at the door twice out of frustration that couldn't be suppressed.

He had given her the card because he thought he could be comforted knowing she would always have his money as a backup. Who would have thought the girl would do something so illogical

The more Su Zhinian thought about it, the angrier he became. The moment the elevator opened, he dashed out of it and headed straight for Song Qingchun's room. He didn't even knock and barged in.

Cheng Qingchong, who heard the commotion, whipped her head around. "CEO Su?"

When she saw Su Zhinian, her expression froze. Then she greeted him respectfully before she put the phone that was beside her ear down. "CEO Su, I was about to call you. It was an accident. Miss Song didn't catch where she was moving and accidentally sprained her ankle."