Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 472

Chapter 472: So This Is Love 6
Chapter 472: So This Is Love (6)
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Thankfully, her bones and muscles weren't hurt. It was a slight sprain, and the ankle was a little red.

Su Zhinian sighed in relief and turned to look at Cheng Qingchong. He was about to rain more hell on her when he remembered what Song Qingchun had said earlier. "This is not Miss Cheng's fault; I was too careless." He changed his tone to something politer and said, "Where is the carthamus oil?"

"I've already asked the waiter go buy one," Cheng Qingchong answered instantly. After a moment's pause, she added, "I'll go take a look; he should be back by now."

Su Zhinian didn't say anything and merely nodded. As Cheng Qingchong predicted, the moment she pulled open the door, the waiter had already returned with the bottle of oil.

Cheng Qingchong accepted it, thanked him, and walked back to Su Zhinian. She then passed it to him.

When Su Zhinian raised his hand to accept it, his eyes caught sight of the food on the table, and his gaze froze slightly. He noticed the dishes were practically untouched. Then he raised his hand to touch the edge of one of the plates; it was already cold. He frowned and turned to Song Qingchun to ask, "Why didn't you have dinner?"

When Su Zhinian reached over to touch the plate, his arm swiped before Song Qingchun's face. She was given a whiff of many different perfumes. Her brows furrowed, and her spirits lowered. She averted her head, showing Su Zhinian the back of her head and continued to give him the cold shoulder.

Su Zhinian waited patiently, but when he realized she was not going to talk, he didn't show any trace of annoyance. Instead he turned to Cheng Qingchong.

Cheng Qingchong then explained, "Miss Song doesn't seem to have much appetite tonight; she didn't eat much after dinner was served."

Su Zhinian felt some discomfort in his heart when he heard what Cheng Qingchong had to say. His fingers, which were twisting the cap of the oil bottle open, stopped, and he interrupted Cheng Qingchong. "Go get the waiter to take away these cold dishes and have them re-serve the whole table."

"Yes, CEO Su," replied Cheng Qingchong.

Su Zhinian saw the fresh iced orange juice on the table; he thought about it and added, "Make them skip the ice for the orange juice."

"Yes," Cheng Qingchong replied once more and waited briefly in case there were more orders. When she was sure there wouldn't be any more, she left the room to inform the waiter.

The dishes that were practically untouched were soon taken away. Silence reigned in the room once more. Cheng Qingchong closed the door. Su Zhinian was pouring the oil into his palm, and Cheng Qingchong suddenly chimed in to add, "CEO Su, what about the proposal contract with CEO Lee?"

Su Zhinian looked at Song Qingchun, and there wasn't a struggle in his mind; he turned to Cheng Qingchong and said, "CEO Lee is still upstairs, go handle him for me."

"But CEO Su, if CEO Lee sees that it is me, he might not want to sign the contract"

Song Qingchun was obviously unhappy, and she was injured while in his care, so Su Zhinian couldn't have cared less about the situation upstairs.

Before Cheng Qingchong could finish her sentence, Su Zhinian interrupted her flatly, "If he doesn't want to sign the contract, then so be it."