Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 474

Chapter 474: So This Is Love 8
Chapter 474: So This Is Love (8)
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Su Zhinian's heart trembled with extreme worry. Without a second thought, he stood up and said, "Let's go to the hospital."

Then he reached out, aiming to pick Song Qingchun up with a hug.

However, Song Qingchun reached out to grab his arm, stopping his motion. Then her tears started to fall freely, one after another, down her face.

Su Zhinian looked at the state she was in and was completely flustered. Just as he was figuring out ways to console her, the girl's mind finally started to clear, and he had a sense of what she was thinking.

She had purposely feigned a fall to get him out of the private room and downstairs. She didn't understand what was going on with her, but when she laid her eyes on him, the pain on her ankle seemed several hundred thousand times worse, and her heart wrenched with grievances. Therefore, no matter how patient and kind he was, she refused to acknowledge him in any way.

However, she didn't expect that he would scold Cheng Qingchong for not taking care of her, massage her injured ankle personally, and even abandon the deal he had been pursuing for months because of her.

When she saw the image of him knelt down before her massaging her ankle, the grievances in her heart instantly turned into guilt.

She saw how unreasonable she had been acting. She had wasted so much of his money and even sent him the plethora of girls to sabotage his business meeting.

But what did he do in return?

He didn't show a hint of displeasure. Instead, he was truly worried about her and even wanted to take her to the hospital to get checked out.

The more he pampered and consoled her, the guiltier she felt. Eventually the guilt got so heavy that she didn't even know how to begin to apologize to him.

The more Song Qingchun thought about it, the fiercer her tears fell.

So, this was not an accident, and she sent those girls on purpose.

Su Zhinian, who read her thoughts clearly, should have been angry, but when he saw the tears flowing out of her eyes, any fury that he could summon dispersed instantly, leaving behind only helplessness and heartache.

Money lost can be earned again; business meetings can be rescheduled. However, there is only one Song Qingchun. So what if she is a little bit unreasonable? As long as her ankle is fine, none of that matters.

Su Zhinian's body, which had been incredibly tense earlier because he had thought her ankle was heavily injured, gradually relaxed. He slowly reached out to wipe the tears away from her face.

"There, there Stop crying now

"You're ruining your make-up"

Even though he had used his superpower to surreptitiously comfort her over the years, he still hadn't mastered the art of consoling. He only had a few dry phrases to say.

Song Qingchun slowly brought her emotions under control, aided by his patience. However, the guilt still made her unable to face him.

The more she acted like this, the greater his heartache. He raised his hand to tousle her hair, saying gently, "The waiter was knocking on the door just now, why don't we have them serve the dinner, and we'll eat together?"

With her head lowered, Song Qingchun was silent for a long time before finally nodding and giving him a wordless utterance of approval.

It was just a murmur, but to Su Zhinian, it was the song of an angel.

He grabbed the napkin and lovingly wiped the remaining tears from her face before having the waiter send the food in.