Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 476

Chapter 476: So This Is Love 10
Chapter 476: So This Is Love (10)
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Even though she had caused him plenty of trouble that night, with that one sentence, all was forgiven.

"I have acted out of line tonight; I failed to control my temper. I just don't like that" Song Qingchun had been preparing the whole speech, but she still stopped when she reached this point.

She wanted to say, "I just don't like that you're out looking for girls."

However, when the words reached her lips, only then did she realize how wrong she sounded.

Who was she to him to demand something like that?

That's right. Why am I so worked up over things that have nothing to do with me? Why was I so angry that I made so many senseless decisions?

Song Qingchun stopped in mid-sentence, so Su Zhinian turned to her with confusion and prompted her with a "Hmm?"

Song Qingchun came to and shook her head in a hurry. She was about to just drop the whole thing, but she thought about it for two seconds and came up with an alternate ending to her sentence. "I just don't like men who go looking for girls.

"These types of men are, for me, too immature and disrespectful. You're my friend, and as a friend, I wouldn't want to see you develop such a horrible habit." Song Qingchun tried to cover up her real intention. Then to move the spotlight away from her, she looked Su Zhinian right in his eyes and interrogated, "Plus, didn't you say you have someone in your heart already? You shouldn't have disappointed her by doing such a thing! Don't you think this is a bad habit that can ruin a relationship? Or are all men like this?"

So, the reason she sent all those women into the room was because she thought I have the habit of looking for girls?

"I didn't call those girls," Su Zhinian explained in a clear tone, even though his heart was a mess. If the situation had allowed it, he would have knelt on the floor and raised his hands to the God above to prove his innocence; instead, he lowered his gaze and said, "Those were CEO Lee's orders; he likes"

Even though he was merely telling the truth, Su Zhinian still didn't feel like talking about others behind their back, so he didn't elaborate but explained in summary, "As you know, this is how the world of business works."

So, that was CEO Lee's doing and not him In other words, the man who I saw earlier toying with girls was not him.

For some inexplicable reason, Song Qingchun felt much better already.

"CEO Lee indeed sent two of the girls my way." Su Zhinian didn't realize how much he sounded like a husband who was suspected by his wife then.

No wonder he has that perfume smell on him, it's because of those girls Song Qingchun's mood darkened again.

"I'm not trying to show-off how much of a saint I am, but there is really nothing between those girls and me; there was barely any interaction between us." After he finished, as if worried that Song Qingchun might not believe him, Su Zhinian added, "I swear."

After that, Su Zhinian was reminded of what she had said earlier, accusing him of being not faithful to the girl in his heart. His expression turned very serious as he looked at Song Qingchun. He uttered the rest of his words like a wedding vow, as serious a promise as they come, "My body and soul belong to the woman I love alone, even if we cannot end up together, I will not touch another woman beside her."