Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 479

Chapter 479: So This Is Love 13
Chapter 479: So This Is Love (13)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

"Miss, are you alright?" A gentle voice drifted into her ears, and her body was held upright by the owner of the voice's hand.

Then the soft-spoken voice continued to say, "Wait, it's you?"

Who is it? It's someone I know?

Cheng Qingchong tried her best to pry her eyes open to look at her rescuer. Through her drunken eyes, she could see three human heads floating about, and before she could even get a good look, her head started to spin, and she almost vomited. The alcohol had numbed her tongue, and after some time, she finally managed to slur out a question. "Who who are you?"

"You don't remember me? You walked into my room when you came to deliver Song Song's things at the hospital."

As the man's voice began again, Cheng Qingchong racked her brain, trying to match the voice to a face. She felt like her brain was close to exploding, but eventually, at the final moment, the memory did come back to her. What what the name of that person again?

Cheng Qingchun squinted in focus and eventually squeezed out a word. "Qin"

"Qin" she repeated, but before the last word, Yinan, could come out, a veil fell over her eyes, and she completely collapsed in the man's arms.

"Hey? Hey, Miss Cheng?" Qin Yinan shook the woman in his arms. After realizing she was completely out of it, he looked around him but was unable to find anyone who seemed to be there with her. He could not just leave her there, so after a moment's hesitation, Qin Yinan pulled her into his arms.

Eldorado had rooms to rent for the night. Qin Yinan used his credit card to open a room and placed Cheng Qingchong on the bed.

He covered her up with the blanket. When he got up to leave, she suddenly reached out to grab his wrist and moaned softly, "Water, water water"

This is getting more troublesome by the minute but she's Song Song's friend; I can't just abandon her, can I?

Qin Yinan thought about it before pulling her grasp gently away and walking to the bar counter to twist open a bottle of mineral water. He returned to the bed, sat on it, supported her body up, and helped her with the water.

Cheng Qingchong, after having her fill of water, became a lot quieter. Qin Yinan helped her with the blanket and then left the room.

Song Qingchun was like a controlled puppet, staring at the road before her as she drove on aimlessly.

She did not know how long she was driving and had no idea where her destination was. However, she did notice that there were fewer and fewer neon lights around her. It was not until most of the lights had shut off that she heard her phone ringing.

She parked the car by the roadside and pulled out her phone. She glanced at the caller IDSu Zhinian.

Then she realized with a start that she had left Eldorado without telling him.

She did not pick up the phone, and it eventually went to voice mail. Song Qingchun then saw there were 17 unanswered calls and 13 unread messages from Su Zhinian on her phone.

Before she could click one of the messages open, another call from Su Zhinian came.

After a moment's hesitation, Song Qingchun decided to answer it. Before she could say anything, Su Zhinian's agitated and concerned voice came through.

"Where are you?"