Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 481

Chapter 481: So This Is Love 15
Chapter 481: So This Is Love (15)
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When the thought slowly settled in Song Qingchun's heart, she could no longer hide from it, and she finally understood why she had been acting so out of character that night.

She had known Su Zhinian for so long, but she had never been a scheming person around him; she was never an unreasonable person.

Even when he scolded her and gave her with the black card with the "I'm sorry" written on the back, she had forgiven him easily.

However, that night, when she saw Su Zhinian being concerned about her sprained ankle, she did not forgive him instantly but acted even more unreasonable. Now, she realized it was because she wanted him to show more concern toward her.

When Song Qingchun still pursued Qin Yinan, she would always act like a spoiled little girl around Qin Yinan by accidentally hurting herself or pulling a long face around him to get Qin Yinan to come comfort and pamper her. Whenever that happened, she would feel satisfied like she was the most cherished thing in the world. If Qin Yinan caused her to be unhappy, she would be in a gloomy mood all on her own but refuse to tell Qin Yinan the reason until he discovered her unhappiness and came over to check up on her with concern. Then, her grievances would dissipate instantly, being replaced by happiness.

She did not realize she had replicated all of that with Su Zhinian already.

When did I start to fall for him? Was it when the contract finished, and I could not push him out my mind? Or was it when he called me Tingting in his nightmare and forced himself on me for a kiss, but I didn't even push him away?

Or was it even earlier, when I didn't get angry with him when he told me that all his kindness toward me was simply because he felt indebted to me?

No, perhaps it was even earlier. When we could stay in the same room together without arguing, when I was audacious enough to order him to pour water for me, to have him come fetch me in the middle of the nowhere in the deep of the night, when we shared that heart-to-heart deep in the mountains, and when he helped me with the game patch or perhaps, it started way earlier when my attention was dazed by his handsome face when we were first introduced after he moved into my house

She had still been hung up on Qin Yinan at the time, and that had prevented her from acknowledging how much she was actually attracted to him. This was exacerbated by the fact that he kept antagonizing her for no apparent reason. On her lips, she kept repeating that she hated him, and the repetition had convinced even herself, causing her to be unable to see the truth.

If Song Qingchun was truly frank to herself, this was not in the initial stage of falling in love. She was not just wading into it; she was already half-submerged in it.

The emotion she was feeling was much more intense than she predicted.

This felt more like

Song Qingchun, who was leaning against the railing, trying to sort through her mind, suddenly felt as if her brain had stopped moving.

She stared at the surface of the lake for a long time before she allowed her train of thought to continue.


It was love, pure and simple.

The intense feeling did not just feel like love; it was love, pure and simple.

She used to hate him to her core until she swore off all interaction with him for as long as she lived, so she really did not expect that she would one day admit that she loved him. However, with the truth laid out before her, she had to admit that she was wrong and face the music.