Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 482

Chapter 482: So This Is Love 16
Chapter 482: So This Is Love (16)
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She loved himthat was the plain truth. Without realizing herself, the seed of love had entered her heart, grown, taken root, blossomed, and was finally bearing fruit.

The root of that love had grown so deep that if Song Qingchun were to uproot it, it would tear her heart apart.

When Song Qingchun returned to her car, it was already 3 am. Beijing at that time in the morning was like a twilight zone; it had the bright lights and luster of a big city but the silence of a ghost town.

When Song Qingchun left her car, she had not taken her phone with her. Before she started the engine, she glanced at her phone. On top of the thirteen messages Su Zhinian had sent her after she snuck out of Eldorado, there were two new messages.

"Are you still busy?"


Song Qingchun did not think about it and fired a reply in return. "Just got off work, going home."

When she sent it, Song Qingchun realized the two messages from Su Zhinian arrived respectively two hours earlier and one hour earlier.

It has been so long since the messages, and it's already so late; he should be asleep by now. Will my message wake him up?

With that concern on her mind, Song Qingchun started the car engine, turned the steering wheel, and left North Sea Garden.

Two hundred meters away from North Sea Garden, her phone, which was left on the passenger seat, vibrated. Song Qingchun glanced at it and slowed her car down when she saw it was a message from Su Zhinian. She held the steering wheel with one hand and grabbed the phone with another. She quickly read his message. "Okay."

Did I wake him up? Or was he still awake?

Song Qingchun found it rather difficult to type using only one hand. She only typed two words when a message came into her phone. "By the way, you mentioned that you had something important to discuss with me tonight. What was it?"

Song Qingchun was then reminded of the excuse she had used to go see Su Zhinian. She parked the car by the roadside and deleted the message she was typing. With her fingers flying over the phone screen, she formulated a quick reply. "When I was staying at your place, you gave me a black card to take care of your living expenses. The card is still with me, and I had something to do near your place this afternoon, so I stopped by on the way home to return it to you, but then I forgot completely about it."

So, it was to return the black card. Disappointment flashed through the eyes of Su Zhinian, who had stayed awake waiting for her reply. If possible, he wanted the card to stay with her forever, but now he had lost all pretext to pamper her.

Su Zhinian leaned against the headboard staring at her reply. After some time, he typed his reply. "No need to rush."

Regardless, that was his card, and she had no right to hang onto something so valuable. Furthermore, the purpose of the card was to help her cover his living expenses. Now that the contract was over, if she was to keep the card, wouldn't it seem like she was a gold digger?

Even though Su Zhinian had told her there was no need to rush, Song Qingchun still set a date for the card return. "How about I take a detour to your house before I go to work tomorrow morning?"

Su Zhinian did not agree or disagree. He merely replied with an "Ok."

Song Qingchun thought about it and concluded, "Then tomorrow morning it is. I'll try to reach your place before 8.30 am tomorrow morning."

The reply from Su Zhinian was the same as before.