Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 483

Chapter 483: So This Is Love 17
Chapter 483: So This Is Love (17)
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The two consecutive, short responses stumped Song Qingchun. She did not know how to answer. After some time, she replied, "It's late, so why aren't you asleep yet?"

"Waiting for you to reach home."

It was a simple sentence, but it warmed Song Qingchun's heart. Before she realized she was in love with him, she would also have felt warmed when she received such messages from him, but now that she had faced the truth, the impact was much stronger; she could feel her love toward him intensifying.

Song Qingchun parked her car on the driveway, and as she stepped upstairs, she messaged him. "I'm home."

As if waiting for her message, Su Zhinian replied instantly. "Sleep soon."

"Okay, good night." Song Qingchun walked into the bathroom after she sent that reply.

Just like usual, she stepped out of the bathroom and leaned to glance at her phone; Su Zhinian's message already arrived. It consisted of the same two words in return. "Good night."

He would send her that message every night, but that night, when she read those two words, the emotions within her heart were raging.

What should I do?

After admitting to herself that she loved him, Song Qingchun realized her love only kept on increasing until she felt like she was going to be submerged by it.

Even though Song Qingchun went to sleep late, she still managed to arrive at Su Zhinian's place punctually at 8.30 am the next morning.

Before they met up, they were already chatting on the phone. When Song Qingchun left her house that morning, the television in the living room was open. She just so happened to hear the news report about upcoming movies; one of them was produced by her favorite director. She had discussed his films with Su Zhinian before, and she realized that the latest film was produced by Su Zhinian's company. At the time, Su Zhinian had even promised her he would take her to the premier. They were already less than a week from the scheduled premier, but Su Zhinian had not brought this up again. She wondered if he had forgotten all about it.

Now that she thought about it, in the time they had spent together, they had never gone to the movies together. While Song Qingchun waited for the red light, she titled her head reading the morning message from Su Zhinian, and she replied with a message hinting at him. "Timeline is coming on the silver screen soon"

Su Zhinian had probably just woken up and was busy in the bathroom because she didn't receive a message from him until she arrived at his place.

The second Song Qingchun pressed on the doorbell, the door was pulled open. Su Zhinian was already all done up, and he was putting on his shoes.

Song Qingchun waited for him to finish changing before passing him the black card. Su Zhinian nodded at the black card and, after a pause, reached out to take it.

Both of them were rushing to work, so there wasn't much time to chat. While Song Qingchun pulled her car door open, Su Zhinian was fiddling with the knot of his tie. However, before she got in, he called out, "By the time, Timeline's premier is this Saturday at 9.30 pm, are you free?"

So, he has not forgotten about that A girlish joy coursed through her veins, causing Song Qingchun's eyes to light up. "I'm free."

Even though they had already promised, Su Zhinian still asked Song Qingchun, "Then do you mind coming to the movies with me that night?"