Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 485

Chapter 485: So This Is Love 19
Chapter 485: So This Is Love (19)
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Cheng Qingchong was startled. Then she smiled gently at the receptionist before asking politely, "Do you mind giving me Mr. Qin Yinan's number?"

The receptionist was an easy-going lady. She told her politely to wait a moment before lowering her head to the computer and rattling off eleven digits.

Cheng Qingchong saved it on her phone and double-checked it with the receptionist before thanking the receptionist and leaving Eldorado.

In her car, Cheng Qingchong held her phone in her hand and formulated a message to Qin Yinan. "Mr. Qin, good morning, this is Cheng Qingchong. Thank you for your help last night. If you don't mind, can you give me your bank account number? I will send you the payment for the hotel room."

Ever since Song Qingchun forced herself to admit that she loved Su Zhinian, her days had been a torture.

Whenever she was in Su Zhinian's company, her heart would race, but whenever she was not around him, she would have a hard time focusing because her heart would be thinking about him constantly.

She knew he had someone that he loved. The man who was so loyal to Tingting would not have his eyes on her. She was destined to suffer in a one-sided relationship. Since she could never succeed, the logical thing to do was to distance herself from him, allowing both parties to drift apart and go their own ways, but she couldn't control her heart.

He was like opium; she had gotten addicted to him and could not survive without him. She tried not texting him for half a day, and she found herself like the living dead; she couldn't bring herself to do anything but wait for the half a day to be over so that she could message him again.

When she was attracted to Qin Yinan, the most she would do was space out thinking about him or be dazed for a moment when she saw him get too close with another female; it did not disturb her normal daily life.

However, her attraction to Su Zhinian bordered on obsession. If he did not reply her for an extended period of time, she would be like a fish brought on land; she could die from asphyxiation at any moment. When she heard the message alert on her phone, she would drop everything she was doing, no matter how important it was, to read it. If it was a message from Su Zhinian, she would grin endlessly, and if it wasn't, a deep frown would be carved between her eyes.

Not only were her emotions disrupted by his presence, so was her living habit.

During meetings, she should have been taking down the minutes, but when she returned to her office, she would open the laptop to find it had been filled with 'Su Zhinian's. She started eating the dishes that he liked, buying the brand of water he liked, and using the shampoo from the brand he preferred. In fact, she even bought hundreds of bottles of perfume to match the light cologne that he wore.

One day, in the heat of the moment, she even started to Google him despite the fact she already knew him so well.

As she corrected the wrong details on his wiki entry, she read up on details that she did not know about him.

From the internet, she found out his birthday was June 15th.

She was incredibly familiar with this date, because six years ago, it was on June 15th that he raped her.

Six years later, she found out that the source of her nightmares had actually occurred on his birthday.