Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 486

Chapter 486: So This Is Love 20
Chapter 486: So This Is Love (20)
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All these years, she had refused to remind herself of that day. It was coming back to her now that she was supposed to have had dinner with him that night, but Qin Yinan had suddenly returned to Beijing, and she had stood him up.

So he was actually asking me to spend his birthday with him?

This thought caused a sharp pain throughout Song Qingchun's mind. Her face burned with shame and guilt. If she had known it was his birthday, she would not have done what she did.

June 15th was also the date that he had asked her out for the premier.

Song Qingchun started to dream about Su Zhinian every night. On the night prior to the day of the premier, Song Qingchun even dreamed about confessing her love to him, to which he accepted. They pulled each other into a hug, and a whirlwind romance led to a walk down the aisle. When the wedding procession music began, she woke up from her beautiful dream.

She looked at the familiar ceiling of her bedroom, and disappointment gradually fell over her as she realized it was just a dream.

She lost all intention of going back to sleep. Hugging her pillow, she tossed and turned in bed, reminiscing about the scenes from her dream.

The more she thought about it, the more desperate her wish to be with him became. In fact, it reached a point where she wanted to rush to his house and tell him she wanted to be his girlfriend.

She tried her best to suppress the urge, but the more she suppressed it, the greater it became. It tore her heart apart.

It was only 6 am, but she was so tortured in bed that she felt like she had to move around to take her mind off it.

It was June 15th, his birthday. When she found that out two days earlier, she already planned to get to the mall earlier in the morning to purchase a birthday present for him.

However, 6 am was too early. She was afraid that she might really go crazy if she just stood there and did nothing, so she surfed the internet and logged into Webnovel to find herself something to read to pass the time.

She didn't pay much attention to the book title or the author's name, but the plot was a well-written modern romance. The female lead was in love with the male lead, but the male lead was unable to reciprocate her love.

The setting reminded her too much of herself, so Song Qingchun was attracted to it instantly.

The female lead had a bubbly personality, and she was ten years younger than the male lead. Even though she knew the male lead had someone in his heart, she was not ashamed to pursue her happiness. She confessed many times to the male lead and was rejected every time until she eventually got her happy ending.

Even though it was just a web novel, Song Qingchun was greatly moved by it.

Can I really be like this female lead in the story? Be strong and persistent with my pursuit of love and eventually have my happy ending?

But what about that girl, Tingting? He has told me how deeply in love he is with her many times.

Song Qingchun started to feel conflicted. She grabbed her phone and paced around her room.

But I was once so in love with Brother Yinan, and that has changed, hasn't it? So, isn't it possible that he might one day give up on Tingting and love me instead?

Song Qingchun thought about this and raised her phone up. She clicked into the message box and started typing.

"I like you"

She did not think that was impactful enough, so Song Qingchun edited it. "Su Zhinian, I have something important to tell you"

No, that sounds too serious.

After numerous edits, there were only three words left in the message box.

"I love you."