Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 488

Chapter 488: The Confession 2
Chapter 488: The Confession (2)
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It was Su Zhinian's birthday and also a Saturday, the day that he set aside every week to visit his mother.

Because he had invited Song Qingchun to the premier, which was on when he would usually visit his mother, he visited that day in the morning. He was to stay at her house for lunch.

Since the mother and son only met each other once per week, whenever he went over for meal, Auntie Su would prepare a scrumptious meal. Since it was his birthday, the dishes were even more luxurious than usual. Practically, every dish that he had mentioned he liked since he was a child was on the table.

Auntie Su was not a drinker and would always advise her son to stay away from alcohol, but that day, she took out the best Shaoxing wine, which her friend had given her. She poured a generous amount into a small pot and boiled it with a few bulbs of preserved plums. She let it simmer to allow the wine to get infused with the plum taste before she poured it back into a bottle and stored it in the fridge to chill.

Ever since Su Zhinian promised Song Qingchun he would not touch a drop of alcohol, he had held onto his promise. Even though they no longer lived together, he still abided by this promise.

Unwilling to disappoint his mother who had gone through all that trouble, Su Zhinian took a small sip. After lunch, he wanted to stay to help his mother clear up the dining table, but his mother soon chased him away to go rest in the living room.

The weather that day was perfect. Perhaps because he had not touched alcohol for such a long time, such a small sip of wine caused him to get quite drowsy. He put two cushions underneath his waist and closed his eyes while leaning against the sofa.

As he drifted off to sleep, suddenly the phone that he had placed before his chest started to vibrate, shaking him out of his dream.

Su Zhinian continued to close his eyes for about half a minute before he pulled his phone before his eyes and opened them to see it.

It was a message from Song Qingchun, there were only three words.

"I love you."

The summer crickets were chirping outside the window, and behind him, his mother was washing the dishes. He could even pick up the sound of the running water in the nearby waterfall.

Su Zhinian stared at his phone for a long time. He felt like he was dreaming. He separated the three words on screen into individual characters and regrouped them again multiple times, continuously rereading it silently in his heart so that he could convince himself he was not dreaming.

She had just told him, "I love you."

The three simple words were like a giant bomb, levelling his world and mind.

His fingers that held the phone were shaking violently, and even his breathing had started to get hurried and disjointed.

She just sent him a message, and the message said, "I love you."

The reality slowly settled in his heart once more, causing his heart to race instantly and his blood to boil. He could sense clearly the emotions that he kept hidden in his heart starting to rage once more.

As if losing his sanity, he jumped off the sofa and dashed out of the house without informing his mother, who was still busy in the kitchen.

He did not change into his shoes. In fact, when one of his slippers fell off as he was tumbling down the stairs, he did not even go back to pick it up. He dashed out of the house to his car. He pulled the door open and jumped in. As if remembering something, he clicked his phone open and typed with impressive speed. "Where are you now?"