Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 489

Chapter 489: The Confession 3
Chapter 489: The Confession (3)
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After Su Zhinian typed the question mark and was about to hit send, his whole body froze, and he sat in his seat as if someone was stopping him from moving.

Her "I love you" caused a whirlwind to sweep through his world, making him the happiest person on the planet. He was going to rush to her side, pull her into a deep hug, and reply to her in person, "I love you, too."

But how could he have forgotten he had no right to be with her.

How fiery his heart was earlier was how chilled his heart was at that moment. The boiling blood coursing through his veins was chilled instantly. His excitement turned immediately into a despair that he could not even express with tears.

However, this is just a message, perhaps she was kidding, or she sent it to the wrong person

As Su Zhinian consoled himself, he got out of his car slowly and dragged his beaten body across the floor, which was quite hot for the time of day.

His mother was still busy in the kitchen. Su Zhinian collapsed onto the sofa with extreme tiredness. He closed his eyes, but he could no longer go back to sleep, on the account of the message from Song Qingchun crowding his mind.

Three minutes later, his mother came out of the sofa. When she saw her son collapsed on the sofa, she thought he was asleep, so she quietly went upstairs. A moment later, she came back down with a blanket and draped it over him.

He opened his eyes slowly, and his mother smiled kindly at him, saying, "Why didn't you go to your room to sleep? You'll catch a cold from the air-conditioner here in the living room."

He did not say anything but sat up slowly.

His mother poured him a glass of water. Realizing he was not going back to sleep, she returned to her usual lecture. "Ah Nian, you're not young anymore. While being focused on your work is a good thing, you should think about your future and starting a family."

Starting a family when this phrase entered his ear, Su Zhinian's hand, holding the glass of water, shook slightly.

There was only one woman who he wanted to start a family with, and that woman had just said that she loved him, but that was a message that he could never reply to.

Su Zhinian did not say anything, and his mother continued on her own. "If you marry now and have a baby, I'm still young enough to help you babysit. I can't say for sure that it'll be the same two years down the line."

Su Zhinian placed the glass on the coffee table and leaned back against the sofa.

His expression was peaceful like he was quietly listening to his mother's concern, but in his heart, a tendril of pain started to crawl its way out of his heart.

He could not even make himself not feel disgusted from any other woman's touch, so how could he start a family like that?

"When your Auntie Sun came before, she mentioned she had a relative's daughter that is two years younger than you. She just came from the US for her studies, do you want to find a date to meet her?"

The rest of what his mother said went in his left ear and out the right. Su Zhinian did not respond to anything she said.

Probably tired of talking to herself, Auntie Su eventually stopped.

After some period of silence, probably worried about her son's happiness, Auntie Su's lips started to move, but she only managed to get the words "Ah Nian" out before Su Zhinian's phone started to ring.