Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 490

Chapter 490: The Confession 4
Chapter 490: The Confession (4)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

"Looks at the lovers under the streetlight,

"How they remind us of who we used to be;

"Hugging and kissing, loving and parting"

Auntie Su quieted down and turned to look at Su Zhinian's phone following the sound of the ringtone. She saw the ID, "The Person Hiding in my Memory", on the blinking display, and her eyes lit up. That ID does this mean my son has someone already in his heart?

Su Zhinian waited until the song reached "The person hiding in my memories I pray for your happiness and safety" before he picked his phone up, walked to the window, and answered it.

Song Qingchun fidgeted in throes of frustration before she lowered her head to look at the phone in her grasp, then her whole body froze.

When, when did I send the message? And it was sent five minutes ago? Wait the message said that it has been read Meaning Su Zhinian has seen the three words

Song Qingchun's mind exploded instantly. The worry of whether to confess or not escaped her mind immediately, leaving behind a heart full of worry and anxiety.

The message was sent in a state where she was completely unprepared, and it had been read. What should I do now? Should I send Su Zhinian another message to tell him I've mistakenly sent him the wrong message, but wouldn't he think I'm planning to confess my love to someone else?

But what if Su Zhinian rejects me?

As these questions filtered into her mind, the originally flustered Song Qingchun started to calm down. Since she could not figure out whether to confess or not for the whole day and fate had already thrown the dice for her, instead of worrying herself over things that she could not control, she might as well wait patiently for the result.

This was probably the longest wait in Song Qingchun's life.

In those thirty minutes, plenty of emotions coursed through her heart; it was truly pure torture.

As time passed, her initial nervousness gradually turned to great disappointment as she stared at the phone that had received no reply from him.

He has read the message but chose not to reply, what does that mean? Silent rejection?

Does this mean that we cannot even be friends anymore?

Song Qingchun's heart was covered with chills and pains, and her whole person started to shake.

What should I do? I'm not prepared to lose him yet.

Furthermore, they were supposed to go to the movies that night, and it was his birthday. She had prepared a present and ordered a beautiful cake for him. Her plan was to ask him to supper after the movie and surprise him with a birthday celebration!

Song Qingchun's heart turned increasingly worried, and her pupils darted about nervously. Then, as if remembering something, she immediately searched for Su Zhinian's name and gave him a call.

While waiting for Su Zhinian to answer, Song Qingchun took several deep breaths to calm her heart down. When the phone was answered, her hands gripped subconsciously tighter and she softly whispered, "Hello."

"Hmm." Su Zhinian's elegant and level voice came from the other end.

Song Qingchun sucked in a deep breath silently before saying in a giggling voice, "Su Zhinian, that message just now was just a game."