Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 493

Chapter 493: The Confession 7
Chapter 493: The Confession (7)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Very soon, a waitress came over with two menus. Song Qingchun passed one of them to Su Zhinian before flipping through the remaining menu.

This was supper for two, so Song Qingchun only ordered four family-style dishes. Then she raised her head to ask Su Zhinian, "What do you want?"

When he heard Song Qingchun's question, he turned to the waitress and said, "One mocha."

"Yes, sir." The waitress wrote his order down before turning to Song Qingchun. "Miss, what would you like?"

Song Qingchun flipped to the drinks page and eventually settled on a warm milk tea. Then she waved for the waitress to lean in. She showed the waitress something on her phone, and the waitress nodded with a smile before collecting the menus and leaving.

Very soon, the same waitress returned with a small cart. There was a circular plate on it covered with a thermal cover.

Most restaurants had thermal covers, and they would be removed when the dish was served. However, the waitress didn't remove the cover ever after she placed the plate in the middle of the table. With her two hands placed beneath her stomach, she bowed with a bright smile and wished them "bon appetit" before turning to leave.

Su Zhinian frowned, staring at the retreating waitress. He was about to call her back when Song Qingchun pulled out her phone to glance at the time and gasped, "Oh no, there are only five minutes left."

Su Zhinian's frown deepened. Before he could ask her what she meant by that, Song Qingchun stood up from her seat and reached over to remove the cover.

A beautiful cake revealed itself.

All she ordered were family dishes; there wasn't a cake Su Zhinian raised his head with confusion to look at Song Qingchun.

Song Qingchun placed the cover on the table and sat back down on the comfy cushion. She didn't say anything to answer the confusion on Su Zhinian's face. Instead she pulled out a blue, beautifully-wrapped box from her bag and passed it to Su Zhinian, saying, "Su Zhinian, happy birthday."

Su Zhinian's expression froze. He stared at Song Qingchun as if transfixed before slowly blinking into consciousness. His gaze moved to the present in her hands, and then he was dazed once more. It was not until he heard the waitress coming back with the cart to serve the food that he came to and reached out to accept the present from Song Qingchun. Then he said in a soft whisper, "Thank you."

After the waitress served all the food and left with the cart, Su Zhinian carefully and gently opened the present box. There was a limited-edition LV belt sitting inside.

Song Qingchun smiled at him and asked, "Do you like it?"

"I do" Su Zhinian's finger caressed the edge of the belt before he raised his eyes to look into Song Qingchun's eyes and repeated, "Thank you."