Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 494

Chapter 494: The Confession 8
Chapter 494: The Confession (8)
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Song Qingchun smiled brightly. She lowered her head to look at the time, five seconds to midnight. She made use of the last five seconds to repeat what she said earlier. "Happy birthday."

"Thank" Su Zhinian had a notable pause before continuing. "you."

He might have seemed calm on the surface, but hidden from her view, his fingers hiding behind the box were shaking uncontrollably.

It was only his wildest dream that he would get to hear the words "happy birthday" from her lips. The fact that it had become a reality, and not only that, he even got a specially wrapped present from her? His heart was shaking.

After he calmed down from this euphoria, Su Zhinian finally had the courage to ask, "How did you know it is my birthday today?"

Song Qingchun titled her head and answered honestly, "I saw it when I was surfing the internet."

Su Zhinian nodded and was then reminded of the small interaction between Song Qingchun and the waitress earlier. Could it be she has planned this surprise beforehand?

Su Zhinian's emotions that had just calmed down started to rock once more. His hands subconsciously turned to grip the heavy marble table. His eyes that looked Song Qingchun became much sincerer. "So, you've prepared all of this earlier?"

Song Qingchun's heart skipped a beat being stared at by Su Zhinian's unflinching gaze. She replied with a soft "hmm" as she felt a blush rose to her ears. Afraid that her secret might slip under his scrutiny, she immediately pulled his attention away by reaching for the candles on the table. There were two long candles and five short candles. She lit them up and placed them on the cake. Through the dancing flames, she told Su Zhinian, "Even though your birthday is technically over, blow the candles out and make a wish."

Although the restaurant was not crowded, Song Qingchun still didn't want to create a scene, so she lowered her voice and started to sing happy birthday to him. When she finished, Su Zhinian closed his eyes and made his wish.

Lit up by the candle light, his handsome face was made even more pronounced. Her gaze that stared at him froze.

He slowly opened his eyes after making his wish, and their eyes met.

Other than the dancing flames, they could see each other reflected at the bottom of their eyes. Time seemed to have ceased. They were enveloped in a private and quiet world, their surroundings falling away.

The candle flames danced higher and higher, but the two still remained unmoved, looking at each other silently.

This lasted until the candles burnt out. One by one, the light in their eyes dimmed, and when the last flame fizzled out, the man and the woman gradually awoke from their reverie.

The pair seemed to shake in sequence, and they both turned to look out the window simultaneously.

The atmosphere around their table turned curious, and the lines started to blur.

However, the two pretended that nothing had happened and looked perfectly calm on the surface.

Only Song Qingchun knew how fast her heart was racing, and only Su Zhinian knew how intensely his blood was boiling.