Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 495

Chapter 495: The Confession 9
Chapter 495: The Confession (9)
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Both hesitated for a moment, waiting for the other person to speak up, hoping to diffuse the awkward atmosphere around them.

Song Qingchun gripped the edge of her shirt and racked her mind for something to do when she was reminded of the cake.

Su Zhinian stared at the window for a long time, and it eventually came to him that there was still a cake to deal with.

As if planned, both of them pulled their gazes away from the window at the same time and fell on the knife on the marble table. She reached out her left hand while he reached out his right as they both moved in on the knife.

Their hands reached the hilt of the blade at the same time. His fingertip grazed hers, and both felt shocked by that small contact. Then, they retracted their hands at the same time.

Her heart raced even faster like it could jump out her chest any time soon.

His blood boiled even greater, causing his breathing to hasten and deepen.

The curious and suggestive atmosphere deepened, lacing and mixing with their hurried breathing.

Song Qingchun lowered her eyes subconsciously and pulled on her shirt in anxiety. Su Zhinian lowered his head and let out a silent sigh.

Then, she raised her head, and he raised his gaze, again meeting each other's eyes as if planned. When that happened, both of their breathing halted, and before either one could get a word out, one turned to the window rapidly while biting her lips and the other's fingers shuddered as he pretended to turn to the window calmly.

The awkward atmosphere didn't dissipate; if anything, it became even more serious.

Neither one of them dared to make a move, and they seemed to have frozen into place. This continued for about three minutes. The two didn't turn to look at each other but managed to utter at the same time, "You"

When they heard the other person's voice, they stopped simultaneously.

She looked out the window, thinking, What is happening tonight? I reached for the knife and he did too? I happened to look up and he did too? Even talking, we speak simultaneously But, I cannot let this atmosphere continue to fester, can I?

His brows were screwed tight, thinking, If this table wasn't partitioned by a wooden slate, at least there wouldn't be so many coincidences Regardless, I have to figure out a way to make this less awkward.

When the thought formed in her mind, it settled in his as well. Then they both began simultaneously, "I"

They both stopped once more, and she wanted to tell him to go on, and he too wanted to have her carry on. After a moment's pause, both began again, "You"

This was the third time this had happened.

Song Qingchun, who was almost smothered by this situation, threw caution to the wind and finished what she wanted to say in one go. "Never mind, you go first."

"Never mind, you go first." Su Zhinian also mustered his courage to power through the sentence.