Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 499

Chapter 499: The Confession 13
Chapter 499: The Confession (13)
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After they talked it out, the barrier between them gradually disappeared. The misunderstanding and resentment was relocated to the folder that said "the past".

As the conversation continued, Song Qingchun felt a big boulder had been taken off her shoulders, and a sense of lightness permeated her body.

This could not really be considered a happy conversation, but there was a joy sitting within her. She even rested her face on her palms as she smiled at Su Zhinian and lamented, "Times flies, doesn't it? Without realizing it, so many years have passed since our high school graduation."

At this point, Song Qingchun purposely frowned and sighed. "We're all getting old"

"Time has barely touched you." Su Zhinian stared at Song Qingchun, and he uttered in a low, magnetic voice, "You're still as young and beautiful as you were then."

Is Su Zhinian hitting on me?

Roses bloomed in Song Qingchun's heart, and her lights lit up. "Even so, I have to admit that I'm old; even my father is setting me up with men, pushing me into marriage already!"

Marriage? Su Zhinian frowned. "When did this happen, how come I don't know about this?"

"Since about two months ago, I've met with more than a hundred men over sixty days." Thinking about that period of nightmare, Song Qingchun couldn't help but shiver. However, she quickly caught herself and added rather curiously, "But it's weird recently because he has not been forcing me to go on as many dates."

More than a hundred guys?

Su Zhinian, who was quite chatty earlier, suddenly turned morose.

Those two months just so happened to be the period when I was not around her; I wonder if she fell for any of those dates. Su Zhinian thought about it internally before asking in a tone as natural as he could muster, "You didn't find anyone compatible in those hundred dates?"

Why would I bring up those blind dates? Will he misunderstand, thinking that I'm going to marry someone else soon?

Song Qingchun shook her head with such vehemence that Su Zhinian worried it might fall off. "No, even though the number might seem a lot, I barely said more than one sentence with around 95 percent of them the remaining 5 percent, they can be friends but not boyfriend material. They're not my type."

Song Qingchun surreptitiously studied Su Zhinian as she continued. In her effort to stop Su Zhinian from misunderstanding her, she even told him a humiliating story. "The most recent one, I was stuck in the traffic because of the rain that night and was forty minutes late. By the time I arrived, the person had already left, and Song Menghwa almost had my head that night."

Su Zhinian did not pity her but chuckled quietly hearing the blind date had up and left.

Then, his thought circled back to the "my type" that Song Qingchun mentioned earlier. Even though he knew they could never end up together, he was curious what her type was.

Su Zhinian forced a front of nonchalance as he picked up his cup of coffee, blew on its surface, and smiled before asking, "What kind of guys do you like? How can there not be one that struck your fancy among a hundred of them?"

In Song Qingchun's mind, she had only seen Su Zhinian smile once. Now, as he sat across from her and smiled, the picture was so perfectly gorgeous that her mind stopped working.

Immersed in his handsomeness, she had lost her ability to filter and think. When she heard his question, the answer slipped out of her tongue before she could help it.

"My type is someone like you."