Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Living With A Temperamental Adonis 5
Chapter 5: Living With a Temperamental Adonis (5)
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"You will not watch the company built by your father and big brother over so many years crumble to dust just like that, right?"

Song Qingchun was quiet for a long time following Fang Rou's question. She finally replied to change the subject, "He might have lived for a period of time with our Song family, but he technically does not owe us a great deal. Furthermore, his own company is so successful, so I don't think he will be willing to take over a dying mess like Song Empire"

"He will," Fang Rou said in a tone that was very sure.

Song Qingchun frowned and queried after a while, "Why?"

Fang Rou, on the other end of the phone, answered after a pause, "Because of you."

Song Qingchun was startled and Fang Rou's soft voice slowly drifted through the phone and into her ears. "After all, he did take your first night."

Such a direct expose of her past stunned Song Qingchun, and her face paled considerably. 'After all, he did take your first night' Yes, Big Sister is right, when he stayed at our home, he did claim my virginity

That night would forever be her nightmare, one that she would spend the rest of her life trying to forget.

If not for the fact that her brother committed suicide without warning three months ago and the sad news sending her father into the hospital, thus pushing the headless Song Empire towards the brink of bankruptcy, she would never have crossed paths with Su Zhinian again in her life. That night would forever be sealed in the back of her mind, and she would not touch upon it ever again. She would go on pretending that it did not actually happen.

If possible, she really did not want to have any more interaction with Su Zhinian, but her sister-in-law was right, she could not allow her father and brother's lifework to go to waste just like that. She could not let her father worry about Song Empire while he was in hospital, and she would not disappoint her brother who had passed away.

Su Zhinian was indeed the perfect candidate to take over Song Empire as its new CEO. He was a business world legend, and once, he used only one month to save a dying company, garnering him praise from the world. Therefore, no matter what, she had to ask Su Zhinian to take over Song Empire.

She knew Su Zhinian was mad at her for what she did all those many years ago. She also knew how hard it would be to get Su Zhinian to agree to take over Song Empire, but she would not give up because she could not give up.

Over the following few days, Song Qingchun waited for Su Zhinian outside his bungalow, but he never showed up again. She also visited his company, but due to the earlier incident, the guard did not dare let Song Qingchun into the company lobby again. Thus, she resigned to waiting for Su Zhinian outside of his company entrance, but she never once saw him again.

That was not entirely true because she managed to catch a glimpse of him one time his car flashed before her. She could not even meet him much less discuss the takeover with him. Running out of options, Song Qingchun finally decided to pay Su Zhinian's mother a visit.

His mother was Su Zhinian's only family in the whole world; his father passed away a long time ago, so he was brought up by his mother. He was exceptionally kind to his mother. He bought her a bungalow at a silk-stocking district and would pay her a visit every Saturday.

Su Zhinian's mother and Song Qingchun's father were once college course mates. When Su Zhinian was in high school, his mother fell seriously ill. After she was hospitalized, there was no one to take care of Su Zhinian and that was how he ended up staying with the Song family. His mother asked Song Qingchun's father to take care of Su Zhinian under his roof for a year.