Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 500

Chapter 500: The Confession 14
Chapter 500: The Confession (14)
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Someone like you

When these few words drifted into Su Zhinian's ears, the cup that he held in his hand shook, and the coffee spilled out, causing a dark brown stain to bloom on his white shirt.

He reached out to grab the napkin on the table to daub at the growing stain on his shirt.

His action startled Song Qingchun. She stared at him at a loss for a moment before realizing what she had just confessed to. Her face burned up immediately and was reminded of the message she had sent that afternoon, which he had seen but never answered.

If his intention was to reject me before I called to tell him it was all a joke, then where does that leave us now?

Song Qingchun suppressed the nervousness that started to crawl all over her heart. Then she explained in a hurry, "That, Su Zhinian, do not misunderstand what I said, I didn't mean it the way it was phrased. I mean, you fit the type of person I'm looking for romantically"

Su Zhinian, who tried his best to keep calm, had his hands shake when he heard that sentence. The cup of coffee in his hand fell from his palm and crashed to the floor.

The singer on stage was having a break between songs, and the restaurant was quiet, amplifying the sound of the cup shattering.

Maybe I should stop trying to explain, since it sounds like I'm making it worse!

Song Qingchun's face burned even redder. What she would have given to have her tongue chopped off right then. She held in her breath and racked her brain to come up with a solution to salvage this awkward situation. "Never mind what I said early, what I really mean was"

When Song Qingchun said so, she did not notice that Su Zhinian's gaze had changed.

"your physical quality and outward appearance are similar to my perfect guy. Like he has to be as rich as you, as tall as you. Not too skinny and not too buff Good at his job"

Phew That sounds better.

Just as Song Qingchun sighed in relief internally, she raised her eyes to look at Su Zhinian as she continued to rattle off the qualities that she apparently appreciated in a man. "like you, he must be of similar age to me"

However, she only managed to get one phrase out before she paused.

This was because Su Zhinian was staring at her. His gaze was quiet and serious.

His eyes were like a bottomless abyss, as if inviting her to fall into them. They were deep and dark, giving the illusion that they carried within them either many emotions or none.

The light that shone within his eyes seemed to possess magical power. Under his scrutiny, her real emotions, which Song Qingchun had been trying hard to conceal all day, suddenly resurfaced.

Is it because he apologized to me earlier?

She realized that the fact she was in love with him was getting more and more difficult to hide.