Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 501

Chapter 501: The Confession 15
Chapter 501: The Confession (15)
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If she continued to hold his gaze, Song Qingchun was sure he would have been able to see into her heart.

Song Qingchun was nervous and alarmed. Without thinking about it, she jumped up from his seat, said, "I need to go the bathroom."

She stormed off without waiting for a reply from Su Zhinian.

Song Qingchun hid in the bathroom for a long time before she came out again. There were only her and Su Zhinian left in the restaurant.

The singer was beginning a new song, and she had her guitar slung over her shoulder.

Su Zhinian sat in his original seat. His legs were crossed, and he looked out the window.

The waitress had cleared away the mess on the floor, and there was a new cup of coffee on the table. Hot steam was still rising up from it.

The emotions that she finally had controlled over after a long period of time in the bathroom started to act up again. Song Qingchun stood at the door to the bathroom, took a deep breath, gripped her fists tight, and the strolled back to the table.

Su Zhinian heard her movement and turned around to look at her. His gaze was clear and calm, his expression flat like everything that happened earlier did not faze him at all.

However, when Song Qingchun caught his gaze, her heart still skipped a beat.

Song Qingchun sat lightly back in her seat. She scanned Su Zhinian quickly before lowering her eyes again.

Just as she wondered how to initiate a conversation and whether to address what had happened before, Su Zhinian said in a formal tone, "Do you still remember Song Cheng's will that you have showed me before?"

The sudden mention of Song Cheng put a dampener on Song Qingchun's roiling emotions instantly. She raised her head and nodded at Su Zhinian, adding, "I do."

"You told me, Song Cheng wrote your name correctly and it was not his habit to do so. That's why you suspect that the note wasn't written by him and the suicide is all a cover up, correct?"

Song Qingchun continued to nod.

"There is some new information on that front." Su Zhinian picked up the coffee and took a careful sip, then he revealed to Song Qingchun the information he just received. "I've had my men look this over for the past five months, and finally, there is some news."

Su Zhinian took a pause before staring at into Song Qingchun's eyes and said, "After Song Cheng was sent to the hospital after the incident, didn't the doctor say he has signs of anti-depressants in his system?

"Furthermore, the amount was quite big, suggesting that he has been taking them for a long time? Therefore, the logical conclusion was he had been suffering from depression for a very long time and didn't want to tell anyone because he didn't want his family and friends to worry. However, the depression eventually overwhelmed him, and he did what he did; that's the official story, right?"

"Yes." Song Qingchun had told Su Zhinian all of this when she mentioned the possibility that Song Cheng's suicide wasn't really a suicide to him.

"However, my sources tell me, Song Cheng never went to any psychiatrist, and he never purchased any anti-depressants."

Song Qingchun's lips moved, but nothing came out of them.

Su Zhinian gulped before continuing. "Just think about it, if we follow that story, Song Cheng had to go to a psychiatrist to get the prescription to buy those anti-depressants. However, I've checked with all the nearby psychiatrists; Song Cheng was not their patient."