Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 502

Chapter 502: The Confession 16
Chapter 502: The Confession (16)
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"Of course, I understand the stigma that comes with mental illness. They would have their doctor keep it a secret, but there should still be some traces. However, after such a long investigation, my source came up with nothing. There is only one explanation: Song Cheng didn't suffer from depression, and someone had been slipping him anti-depressants when he wasn't looking. This person is most likely the person who killed Song Cheng. Unfortunately, I still have no clue who this person is."

When Su Zhinian talked about Song Cheng's death, his tone was light, and he made sure not to stress too much on it, lest it influence Song Qingchun's mood.

For her part, when she heard the revelation, there was obviously shock and disbelief, but other than that, she was also touched.

Even though Song Cheng had always bullied her whenever he was alive, for Song Qingchun, he was family. These past months, she had been trying to investigate more on his behalf, but she did not know where to begin.

Su Zhinian did tell her that he would help her investigate, but at the time, she thought he was only saying that to comfort her. Furthermore, she had not heard him talk about Song Cheng after that night.

It had been five months since that fateful night, and she was surprised he would suddenly bring it up, telling her there had been some new progress.

This means that all this time, even though Su Zhinian didn't once mention it, he has been helping me investigate without telling me?

Even though his tone was light, and he did not go into the detail, there were so many psychiatrists in the city, and it would have been a gigantic project for him to confirm the story with them one by one!

Following that thought, Song Qingchun's gaze, which fell on Su Zhinian, gradually changed.

Su Zhinian, who did not pick up on the change, even consoled her gently when he finished. "Don't worry, I will figure out a way to continue this investigation. Sooner or later, the truth will be unveiled."

Song Qingchun's hands, which were resting on her knees, trembled greatly when she heard his comforting words. Her eyes that stared at him started to drift. "Why are you helping me?"

"Because I promised to."

As Su Zhinian answered, the singer on stage started singing again. However, through the music, Song Qingchun still managed to hear the four words out of Su Zhinian's lips clearly.

Because I promised to.

As a man, he had never made a vow, but he treated his every word like a vow.

Song Qingchun's eyes started to mist, and the feelings that she had been trying to suppress all night started to claw their way up her throat.

"Love made us sillier than when we were single;

"It also made us more complete than ever.

"We fall deeper into it without asking much;

"If not for that kiss, that year would have been much colder."

The two were silently listening to the song. Then Su Zhinian raised his watch to look at the time. It was about 1 am already. He said, "It's getting late, let's go."

Then Su Zhinian raised his hand to call the waitress over for the bill.

"Wait." Song Qingchun suddenly called out to stop him.

Su Zhinian turned to look at her. Song Qingchun held his gaze and stared quietly back at him. Then she said, "Su Zhinian, I have something to tell you."

Su Zhinian paused for a second before lowering his arm. He did not say anything but nodded at Song Qingchun.

Song Qingchun had never been so nervous in her life. Her fists were trembling. She took a deep breath and breathed out greatly before telling Su Zhinian in a serious tone, "I meant what I said."

Su Zhinian frowned as if he did not understand what she said.

Song Qingchun sucked in another deep breath and repeated what she said to clarify. "I meant what I said when I said you're my type."

"Trust became some sort of special ability;

"Affinity is only a self-deluding innocence.

"Night always makes us miss someone even more,

"Especially his addicting eyes."

Song Qingchun continued through the song without taking a breath. In fact, she had stopped breathing and finished the rest of her sentence in one breath. "To be accurate, you're not only my type; you're exactly the person I'm looking for."