Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 503

Chapter 503: The Confession 17
Chapter 503: The Confession (17)
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Su Zhinian, who initially did not understand what Song Qingchun was saying, understood everything when "you're exactly the person I'm looking for" drifted into his ears. In that moment, a barely discernible anxiety crossed his face as if he was deathly afraid of something. Without thinking about it, he tried to stop her from continuing. "Qingchun"

But Song Qingchun continued like she did not hear him. Her gentle eyes looked at him, and her confession continued to pour out. "You are the person I've been looking for all these years."

The moment Song Qingchun stopped, the singer on stage reached the climax of this love song.

"It's so rare that you can meet the right person;

"It's rare that you're serious,

"And give it your best shot without much thought"

"Qingchun" Su Zhinian called her name again through the song, but this time, his tone was much more serious, like he was forcing her to stop, like he couldn't bear to listen to her words anymore.

Perhaps affected by the lyrics of the song, Song Qingchun really did quiet down. She listened to the singer with some focus and blinked slightly when she heard those lyrics.

It was not that she had not loved someone beforeafter all, she had been obsessed over her Brother Yinan for so many yearsbut there was not once when she had been so certain in her belief.

Su Zhinian was the other half Song Qingchun was supposed to look for. When she was around him, she felt complete.

Song Qingchun's eyes glowed brightly. She looked at Su Zhinian with focus and sincerity, and she opened her heart up to him. "Su Zhinian, just now, I realized you are the very person I have been looking for all these years."

"Qingchun," Su Zhinian's voice was shaking; his tone even sounded pleading to Song Qingchun, "please, I beg you to stop."

Please, I beg you to stop She also wanted to stop, but once the heart was opened, it could not be closed that easily. Furthermore, how could she stop when it had reached this stage?

It was too late to stop anything, so Song Qingchun opened her lips to continue. "Su Zhinian"

She just called his name, but he sprung up from his seat like he could not wait to flee the scene.

Song Qingchun sat immobile in her seat, staring at Su Zhinian, who reached out for the car key on the table, and she continued on like she was saying this more for her sake than his. "I love you."

"We both thought that love was like dawn,

"But it turns out that the hardest part was dusk.

"We both feel in love with a poet,

"But a poet is also just a normal person."

I love you The confession fell into Su Zhinian's ears following the melody of the song.

His hand shook, and the car key that he had just grabbed fell from his fingertips and hit the floor with a shattering jingle.

His hands tightened into fists. After a few seconds of silence, he turned slowly around to look at the girl who was sitting quietly in her seat across from him.