Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 505

Chapter 505: The Confession 19
Chapter 505: The Confession (19)
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Su Zhinian knew it was time for him to speak. However, even as he stared into her eyes, his lips were tightly sealed. As time trickled by, he still did not seem to want to answer her question.

That afternoon, when she accidentally sent him that message, "I love you", he had also responded by putting up a wall of silence. Now, he was doing that same thing.

What is he thinking? Is he going to reject me like I was afraid of?

When Song Qingchun waited for an answer from Su Zhinian, she started to sweat with worry. She grabbed the edge of her shirt, trying to find something to do so that she would not appear so flustered. Then she forced a smile at Su Zhinian and slowly added, "I admit, I never thought you would be such an integral part of my life, but after I've admitted to the truth in my heart, I can give up any part of my life but you so can you please say yes?"

Su Zhinian still replied with silence.

This lack of an answer shrouded Song Qingchun's nervous heart with a layer of fear and panic. Her female instinct told her that her confession was a failure, but she would not give up before she heard the rejection directly from his mouth. "I know you have a girl in your heart, one who you said would be your only love in life but you also said that there is no future between you and her so if possible, will you allow me to take her place instead?"

Su Zhinian's lips were stretched into a thin line, and he still did not seem like he was going to speak. His handsome face was as unreadable as the surface of the lakeit was expressionlessbut somehow, Song Qingchun saw a trace of cruelty on it.

Song Qingchun waited for a long time until her eyes started to tear up. She suppressed the tingling sensation that was prickling her eyes and repeated, "Is it okay with you? Can you? Will you?"

"I don't want to change any of those habits, is that okay with you?"

"Can you please say yes?"

"Will you allow me to take her place instead?"

Su Zhinian was asked thrice by Song Qingchun, and finally, he responded.

He raised his hand to rub his face before leaning back on the sofa. One of his hands was laid gently on the table, giving him an air of grace and ease.

He did not look at her but lowered his gaze to focus on the table. His fingers tapped on the marble top occasionally like he was deep in thought. After some time, he finally raised his eyes to meet hers. "Qingchun"

Even though Song Qingchun had sensed this was going to be the result, she did not have the courage to face it. When Su Zhinian said her name, she also whispered his name subconsciously in return. "Su Zhinian."

As if reading her uncertainty and fear, Su Zhinian did not continue after calling her name. He gave her half a minute to rearrange her emotions before his lips started to move.

There was panic in Song Qingchun's eyes as she looked at him.

This time Su Zhinian did not slow down for even a second. He said in his polite and business-like voice, "Thank you for your interest in me; I'm flattered and glad."

The bad feeling intensified within Song Qingchun's stomach. She could not even feel the pain from her nails that had squeezed deeply into the ball of her palm. "Su Zhinian"