Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 506

Chapter 506: The Confession 20
Chapter 506: The Confession (20)
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Su Zhinian continued like he did not hear Song Qingchun, a complete mimicry of what she did earlier. "In fact, I'm a little bit touched."

Song Qingchun's mouth was open, but this time, even his name couldn't come out. The blood in her body froze.

"You are beautiful, clever, and come from a wonderful family. Overall, a very nice girl but" Su Zhinian paused as he stared at Song Qingchun as if weighing the sentence in his mind.

Even though he had said many beautiful things and did his best to praise her, Song Qingchun's tears started to fall because she knew what those words meant; they were consolation prizes.

Facing her tears, he was calm. He had probably thought about many different versions, but none worked, so he kept quiet. The silence lasted for almost five minutes. Su Zhinian lowered his gaze to avoid her tears before delivering the final punch.

"I'm sorry"

When the word, sorry rolled off his tongue, he raised his eyes to meet her eyes and continued in a manner that was as direct as possible. "but I don't love you."

I don't love you

Song Qingchun's tears hung on her face, and she stared blankly at Su Zhinian's perfect face for a moment before the words slowly registered as they repeated themselves in her mind.

I don't love you

I don't love you

I don't love you

Song Qingchun felt the air being knocked out of her body with each repetition. It was the height of summer, but her limbs were so cold that it felt like she was in deep winter. This was the first love confession of her life and her first rejection. She looked at him dumbly, unsure how to respond.

Her brain shut down, and even the tears had stopped flowing out of her eyes.

Silence reigned once more between them; the atmosphere was awkward.

After a while, when Su Zhinian noticed Song Qingchun still had not said a word, he added, "I will never learn to love you in the future."

Then Su Zhinian raised his arm to call for the bill before giving Song Qingchun time to process what he said.

When the waitress came with the bill, Song Qingchun slowly recovered, and the waterworks resumed earnestly. Her emotions had gotten so out of control that she started to sniffle.

Su Zhinian knew she was crying, but he did not react to it. He pulled out his wallet, passed the waitress his card, entered the passcode, and signed the statement in one smooth motion. When the waitress thanked him, he nodded coldly.

Then he slipped the receipt into his wallet and put the wallet back into his pocket before bending over to pick up the car key that had fallen to the floor. He then stood up from his seat, all ready to leave.

He took two steps before he turned back to look at Song Qingchun. The girl was openly weeping until the tip of her nose had turned red. She looked as pitiable as she could have.

Su Zhinian pursed his lips and averted his gaze. After some thought, he uttered a cold farewell before walking away.